10 Types of Jewelry to Gift to Those You Love

10 Types of Jewelry to Gift to Those You Love

Jewelry is a common gift choice. It makes sense why – it’s long-lasting, pretty, and a true statement of love. It’s hard to decide what type of jewelry to gift someone, though, especially if you have a particular message that you want it to say.

Whether you’re buying for your wife, sibling, mother, or friend, here are ten types of jewelry to gift to those you love.

1. Matching Pieces   

To show someone how much they mean to you, two matching pieces of jewelry are the way to go. This is perfect for best friends or couples, as it shows a strong bond like no other. Whether you choose matching necklaces, bracelets, or earrings, make sure they fit both of your styles.

2. Prayer Beads

Prayer beads are a wonderful and unique present to give to someone you love. If you have a spiritual or religious friend or family member, giving them prayer beads shows them that you care about their beliefs and that you want them to strengthen their spiritual side.

On top of that, prayer beads are often beautiful and will bring your loved one a ton of good energy! Shivoham has lots of different types of prayer beads, so you can choose one that matches the person’s likes and desires.  

3. A Birthstone Ring

A birthstone ring is a great gift, as it is personal to the receiver. It doesn’t matter who you are buying a gift for, whether it’s your little sister or your grandmother, a birthstone ring says a lot and is an instant pleaser.

Plus, from the emerald to the sapphire, all the stones are incredibly beautiful! If you like the idea of giving someone their birthstone but don’t want to give them a ring, there are plenty of other types of jewelry you can choose from, such as a necklace or a pair of earrings.

4. A Charm Bracelet

A charm bracelet, especially one you can build over time, provides the gift receiver with something unique and thoughtful. It can say anything while appealing to a bunch of different interests – if you’re buying for someone really into flowers, you can buy flower charms; if they prefer motorcycles, there are plenty of cool motorcycle charms out there.

5. A Bracelet Watch

A watch is always a great gift for someone with a bare wrist. By purchasing a bracelet watch, you can incorporate gems and stones into the gift of time, allowing your loved one to show off their style as well as stick to a schedule.

There are tons of variety out there, so whether you’re buying for someone who loved gold, silver, or rose-gold, you are sure to find the perfect bracelet watch for them.

6. Gold Hoop Earrings

Sometimes, classic is best, especially when it comes to gold hoop earrings. They simply never go out of style! The tricky part is considering how big the hoop should be – you don’t want to go too large if the receiver prefers a more subtle earring.

To give yourself an idea, take note of the earrings they already wear and then decide what gold hoop would make them happiest.

7. An Elegant Hair Clip

When people think about buying someone jewelry, they instantly leap to necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, but that’s not all you can buy. Why not gift someone an elegant hair clip that they can wear on special occasions?

Whether you’re buying for your mother, sister, or partner, they will absolutely love the chance to wear something precious in their hair.

8. A Locket

Lockets are universally loved and for a good reason. Inside a pretty necklace, you can keep a memory that’s worth more than any piece of jewelry. You could give a locket to your child for them to keep forever, to your partner to show them your love, or one to your parent that holds a photo of the pair of you from many years ago.

9. An Eternity Ring

An eternity ring is specifically for married couples, and the thought goes a long way. It’s usually gifted on the first anniversary, so if you are recently married, start looking for the perfect eternity ring to show your other half just how much you meant those vows.

10. A Vintage Piece of Jewelry

Brand-new jewelry can say a lot, but it’s old, vintage jewelry that shows a person that they are truly special. After all, anyone can buy something new, but it takes a lot to give someone something that’s been passed down.

If you want the gift to wow a person, consider the jewelry you already have that’s full of history. This is usually best reserved for someone you’re incredibly close to, such as your son, daughter, husband, or wife.

Jewelry as a gift will never grow old. It doesn’t matter if you’re buying it for the first or thirtieth time; there’s always room in someone’s life for an extra piece of jewelry, especially if it has come from someone they love.

So, if you are stressing about an upcoming birthday or anniversary, consider one of these ten jewelry gift ideas.