11 Secret Things You Didn’t Know About Interior Design

11 Secret Things You Didn't Know About Interior Design

Let’s admit it, some of us are natural when it comes to interior designing. But most of us need a consultation to make our home look picture perfect.

It’s true that a home decorator and an interior designer will take a different approach when it comes to interior designing. So, if you want a professional approach, then consulting one of the interior designers in Delhi NCR would be a great idea.

Interior designers have practiced the art and implemented it for a long time; they will definitely have some tricks up their sleeves. It can change the complete vibe of your home.

They know very well about colour schemes, have good taste in artwork, and great lighting planning. An interior designer can transform your home vibe with the swishing of his/her imaginative power.

Here are some secret things to know about interior designing,  if you are interested find out more about the designing

1. Nail Floor Planning

Does the busy area of your room have enough space to move? You must make sure that there’s room to move around also the less busy areas in your home. Ideally, there should be a 45cm gap between the sofas, chairs, and coffee tables of your living room. It leaves room for sitting comfortably and moving around without bumping into some furniture.

2. The 70-30 Splits

Want to make the proportions of decorative right while balancing two different styles in the same space? The most interesting way to add character to the room décor is possible with 70% of dominant style and 30% with a secondary style.

So, now for spicing up the rooms, you can smatter some contemporary items in a traditional scheme or vice versa. If you are hiring interior designers in Delhi NCR, tell them what styles you want to adopt.

3. Plan Thoroughfares

Never cram too much furniture in open spaces; it is a major mistake that non-designers can make. It prevents people from walking comfortably around your rooms.

There should be at least 90cm wide thoroughfares in your home. Space will be enough for two people to pass each other comfortably. When the home has no space and is crammed up with furniture in an unplanned way, it doesn’t look welcoming.

4. Three’s A Magic Number

When it comes to designing your home, three are undoubtedly magical, especially because it is an odd number. When you place odd items (at least three or more) like vases, cushions, candles, or pictures, it dramatically forces the eye to look at the display. It creates a wonderful visual interest that you can’t get with even-numbered symmetrical arrangements.

5. Cohesive Flooring Plan

Do you know that a cohesive floor plan can make your small home feel bigger? As the same flooring throughout the home looks constant, it tricks the mind to see more space.

In case you have open-plan, big rooms, you can disrupt the continuity by adding rugs. It will allow you to divide the space accordingly. You can create an impression of separate sitting and dining areas even when it’s the same large room.

6. Balance The Color Scheme

When you are working with the three-color scheme, you have to be cautious. You can stick to 60% of a dominant color, 30% of secondary color, and 10% to accenting color for a better outcome.

It surely won’t go wrong. If you want to another colour into the equation, split the proportion from the dominant colour or secondary colour. So, do not touch the accent tone percentage, or it will disturb the balance.

7. Color Block The Walls

Block painting on your walls can create a harmonious contrast, altering the sense of limited space. Also, your home gets a fun twist. Smooth finishing is a must; that’s why to color the rooms while using masking or decorator’s tape.

Want to style fix your room? Geometric shapes can give your room a quick style fix while filling in the blanks with a creative outlook. Your home will reflect your personality. You can contact interior designers in Delhi NCR to give your home an exclusive look.

8. Add Seasonal Updates

Professional interior designers know how to make a room interesting, adding a little characteristic trait to the room. It is possible to achieve this if you accessorize the room with some seasonal updates.

When you add few endearing objects based on the season, your room gets a fresh feel every season. You can add lanterns and wooden items to give your home a warm feel in the winter season. Add cool-tone objects during summer while decorating the home with vibrant colours during spring.

9. Style The Bookshelves Perfectly

Practical storage can turn into a beautiful piece if you master the art of displaying it. Bookshelves shouldn’t be overcrowded when you want to make them Instagram-worthy.

You can choose books and accessories in the same colour and keep them in odd numbers. Keeping your books both vertically and horizontally can give a different feel. It is best to keep one-third of accessories with two-third of books. Don’t forget to include home plants, flowers, or foliage too.

10. Let In The Natural Light

Nothing can substitute the presence of natural light. Besides benefitting our health and wellbeing, it also plays a big role in how colors communicate. So, before you start the decorating process, you must look at the light source.

Rooms with south-facing will receive more light, whereas north-facing rooms will be darker. So, a particular paint color will have different hues from room to room.

11. Invest In Designer Pieces

Believe it or not but designer furniture gets to unravel the beauty of the place as it ages. So, it is a worthy investment. When your home has an iconic piece with a dramatic shape, it will be the focal point of any room.

You can get an Adoree armchair, Jaypore’s floor lamps to attract attention. Your investment in designer furniture will never go out of fashion.

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