11 Tips To Keep Your House Super Clean with Pets

11 Tips To Keep Your House Super Clean with Pets

Most people share their home with a furry friend. For most pet owners, the struggle of a clean house is not a new thing.

The crazy mess left by your four-legged friend must be dealt with accordingly. You will be familiar with pet footprints all over the house, as well as hair and fur everywhere.

How do homeowners keep their home super clean with pets around? We have a list of proven techniques to ensure your house is super clean.

1. Air your house

Your home will get pet smells from time to time. Make sure to open your windows and let fresh air in. During the cold days, a ten-minute blast will help bring in the fresh air.

When it comes to air fresheners, some pets can be sensitive to chemicals in air fresheners. Natural alternatives can be applied, such as beeswax or soy candles.

Make sure to keep these natural air fresheners out of reach of prying paws. You can also use essential oils and simmering spices to solve your pet smells.

2. Brushing is essential for pets

For people who have dogs, they will shed hair all over your bed, carpet, couch, and other places.  To control shedding of fur, make sure to brush your pet regularly.

You can get a variety of brushes, which will make your dog look groomed and neat. Brushing your dog three times a day will control hair shedding. By brushing your dog, you will keep your dog healthy thanks for distributing essential oils.

3. Buy a quality vacuum cleaner

Go for an appropriate vacuum cleaner to help you banish odors and pick up pesky hair. Make sure the vacuum offers extra-strong suction and right brush action. The vacuum cleaner must have a quality filter that ensures hair is pulled out rather than gliding over.

For your vacuum to work, you need to consider the flooring of your house. Make sure to go for a vacuum cleaner that can handle upholstery. Clean out the vacuum’s filter too to avoid a clogged filter.

4. Clean your pets

Make sure you have a strict grooming routine for your pets. Dirt removed through cleaning is considered as eliminating trash, not lying around. Make sure you don’t use pure shampoo, and using purified water can make a huge difference.

Depending on the breed you have, cleaning alone will not help. Your pets may require de-shedding and trimming. A professional dog cleaner will give good results for pet cleaning duties.

5. Cover up your house

Most dogs choose one spot as their favorite nap spot, whether it’s their comfy dog bed or elsewhere. Make sure to throw a cover over those places your pet loves hanging out.

You should keep a spare sheet on hand and swap it when you clean the house. Covering your home will not only protect furniture from pet hair, but it will also keep pet odors down.

The advantage with sheets is that they can be easily thrown in the washer whenever needed. Covering your house will help you have a clean house with pets around.

6. Give your pets a pedicure

Make sure your canine’s nails are trimmed as this is an excellent preventive measure to limit nail damage. When your pet scampers around with long nails, results will be a marred hardwood floor and scratched leather. Your dog will love the Zen clippers as it allows a predetermined amount of nails inside the clipper. You also need not worry about accidentally harming your pet. Only a limited amount of nail fits, ensuring your pet is well-groomed.

7. Have a pet cleaning station

Set up your dog cleaning station in your laundry room. For those without one, you can tweak your entranceway. You should have a heavy-duty doormat and accessible dog towels and wipes. Make sure you have a spray bottle to help clean those muddy paws. You can also have a couple of treats handy too to help ensure the dog does not wander off when cleaning. Verify that the doormat is placed at all times, as they will help catch a lot of dirt.

8. Keep breaking objects out of your pet’s reach

It doesn’t matter the type of pet you have; they all bring destruction to your home. If you expose pets to breakable objects, they will eventually break them. Make sure you keep fragile objects out of reach from pets.

Ensure you get control of your clutter and place pet toys in a cute basket. Make sure you check your toys for tear and wear and ensure you throw out dangerous and worn outs. Ensure your house is clean and free by keeping breakable objects at bay.

9. Upgrade your sofa

If you don’t like pushing the pooch off the couch, it’s time to invest in a new sofa. The wrong sofa material can be a hair magnet and hold undesirable pet odors.

When searching for a modern sofa, look for leather or one with a tightly woven material. It would help if you went for a sofa with a similar shade to your pet. If you can’t afford a new sofa, perhaps add a pet-friendly throw. Go for one which can be quickly chucked in the washer when needed.

10. Spray pet’s food bowls with cooking spray

Cooking spray helps keep stains on pet food bowls away. The spray will ensure stains don’t set in and won’t add any calories.

You should keep your pet food bowls spotless clean and have placemats. This is fairly conventional and ensures the aftermath of feeding is not horrific. By placing a mat, you control the amount of litter your pet gives after a meal.

11. Train your pets by setting some ground rules

Train your pets, especially dogs, not to enter the house when covered in mud. You should train them not to jump on sofas or eat up the cushions. Make sure you potty train your dog and have a place restricted for entry. With a designated area of entry, you won’t have to clean the house when guests come over.

When pets have a little accident, make sure to react quickly. The best solution is using enzyme-based cleaners that minimize smells.

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