3 Ways to Finance Living and Working Abroad

3 Ways to Finance Living and Working Abroad

Living abroad is a wonderful way to dig into a new area and truly get the flavor of the place, instead of just hitting the tourist-friendly spots. To make your international life easier, you will probably need some form of income.

Even if you are retired, you can find a job that will only take a few hours a day and cover your housing and food, freeing up more money for food.

Become an English Teacher

Getting your certification to teach English can be done online before you get overseas. Some programs will require you to take some orientation training, which can help you settle into your new home and have an easier time fitting into the culture.

No matter your current education level, you can probably find a fairly simple path to certification.

The benefits of these teaching jobs can go far beyond just covering your housing and food. The right teaching gig may even cover your airfare and provide you with discounted housing.

Additionally, your connections in your new country will be easier to forge when you’re in the classroom, connecting with other teachers, and checking out your new neighborhood.

Build a Business

If you have a passion or a niche, there are many businesses that you can build that will not require you to maintain any stock in your own space. The ability to build a store online with either drop-shipping to the client or fulfillment by Amazon is one of the best ways to generate income with no stock hassle.

Finding stock doesn’t have to be hard. You can sell private label products that nobody else can offer, but this will take money.

You can also sell bulk items from an international manufacturer. To make the best sales and keep the cash coming in, you will need to find a supplier and set your price. Check out to find products that are trending.

Make sure when building your business and setting your prices that you include Amazon’s fees and subscription costs.

Another option is to build a blog or a YouTube channel about your travels. Once these are established and getting readers and viewers, you can make multiple dollars now and in the future on just one investment of your time.

Working once and getting paid forever is one of the best passive income ideas out there.

Get a Job on a Cruise Ship

If you are good at budgeting and saving when you’re working, you can meet people and travel to a variety of ports with a job on a cruise ship.

Be aware that most of these jobs will require you to put in between 8 and 12 hours a day; however, your housing and food costs will be covered and you will earn an hourly wage as well. Stash away your paychecks, travel cheaply while on the cruise ship, and commit to six months of work.

Once you have six months of paychecks in the bank, pick your destination and look for

  • A realtor who can help you find a furnished apartment
  • An ex-pat hostel or apartment building
  • An ex-pat who needs a roommate

International living does mean that you need to travel light. With a furnished apartment, you can easily move from space to space to check out new communities, cultures, and opportunities.

Recent world events have made travel a big worry. However, slow travel to the right region of the world is still possible and can reduce the stress of wondering what you’ll face.

Study the requirements to be able to earn money in your targeted destination. Make sure your travel documents will allow you to generate an income in your new home.