5 Ultimate Free Graphic Design Tools to Create Your Logo Online

4 Ultimate Free Graphic Design Tools to Create Your Logo Online

The logo is an essential element in defining the visual identity of the company. It is both a representative icon, but it also helps to convey the image of the company.

Therefore, it is imperative to clearly define your logo to allow the company’s immediate identification at first glance.

In addition, it is also essential to create a logo capable of lasting over time while making an impression on everyone’s mind.

It is quite possible to create your logo for free online without going through a professional.

A few tips before you start designing your logos

Before you look into the final logo design, consider making some sketches upfront. Indeed, it is not uncommon to imagine a logo that you think is suitable, while once put on paper, the result does not live up to expectations.

Consider immersing yourself in what the competition is doing to give you a trend to follow in your logo design and strategically differentiate yourself.

Think about the message you want to convey through your logo. How do you want this to be transmitted? In writing? Through inspiring design? All of these decisions are up to you.

Selection of the top 5 online logo creation sites

There are a multitude of sites offering to produce your logo for free online. However, the quality of these varies greatly from one tool to another.

Indeed, a logo generator’s main advantage will be that it is free, unlike calling on a professional. On the other hand, it is advisable to pay attention to the generic character of the logo.

It is not impossible that another person has developed a logo very similar to yours through this site. This is why you should prioritise above all sites with an exhaustive design of logos. Here are the top 4 of the best free logo design tools.

1. DesignEvo

The DesignEvo logo make is easiest to use and its features are quite simple. Even you have no design or graphic skills. You can easily design on this toolkit.

To design your logos on DesignEvo, you only need to choose a template to edit. That’s mean, all your design process is based on the templates.

Besides, if you like, you can make your logo based on an icon as you can search for 1 million icons from this tool.

You can choose the logo layout you like. And then, edit your logo from four major editors, namely, icon, shape, text and background. Sounds easy.

2. Hatchful

This tool allows you to create a logo in just a few clicks. The interface is neat and suitable for a beginner.

You will only have to define the theme (health, beauty, etc.), then the look as well as the name of your company and the slogan.

You can then select a logo among the many generated by the tool. Only premium logos are chargeable.

3. Tailor brands

This is one of the most useful logo maker you can access on the internet. You will then have to enter the company’s name and slogan before quickly answering a series of questions.

You will then choose your preferred design among choices, then vary certain changes, with the possibility of having a preview of the logo on different media.

4. FreeLogoDesign

This toolkit is quite easy and simple to use. You need to provide your company info, such as business name and industry.

At this point, FreeLogoDesign offers a series of fonts and templates available for you to choose from.

Here, you can further customize the available forms as you like, such as Text, color, background color, Shape, icon.

However, you can only export Logo images in low quality. If you want to download better HD quality photos, you will need to pay a small fee.

5. PhotoADKing

If you ever wonder about the importance of architecture in one’s life, then take a moment and look around. You will observe that you are surrounded by multiple buildings and a variety of dimensions.

It adds and reflects a sense of culture in context. An architecture firm is much differently represented by construction or real estate.

The brilliance of exterior & interior design or the specialty of the architect should be best presented in the Architecture Logo Templates.

Find these instances as your legit options & make your architectural firm a distinctly stunning one.

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