44 Simple But Incredibly Deep Questions

44 Simple But Incredibly Deep Questions

Each person has at least once in his life a turning point when he needs to honestly, without a share of lies, answer his own simple but very deep questions.

These questions have a catch, but the answers to them will tell you where to go next. Such questions need to be answered without hesitation. There are no right or wrong answers to

Your attention 44 questions that will help you penetrate the depths of your consciousness and clear it of unnecessary garbage. Everything is extremely simple but incredibly effective. Check it out for yourself!

1. Look at yourself and tell me how many years you would give yourself.

2. Fail or never try? Choose the worst option.

3. Why, if life is so fleeting, do we force ourselves to do so much that we do not love, and so much that we love?

4. Analyze after the end of the working day, what was more – empty talk about anything or affairs?

5. If you had the opportunity to change only one thing in your life, what would it be?

6. Imagine that happiness has become a world currency. What type of job would make you rich?

7. Are you doing what you believe in, or trying to believe what you are doing?

8. If human life lasted an average of 40 years, what would you change in your life to live it to the fullest?

9. How much do you control the events taking place in your life?

10. You went to dinner with friends. These people begin to unfairly criticize your close friend, not knowing that you are friends with him. What will you do?

11. If you could give your younger brother, sister or your own child only one piece of advice in life, what would you recommend?

12. Could you break the law in the name of saving a loved one?

13. How are you different from other people?

14. Remember what you once dreamed about, but never did. Why are you lingering?

15. Do you hold on to the fact that it’s time for you to let go?

16. If you were offered to permanently move to another country, where would you go and why?

17. Does it happen that you nervously press the elevator call button several times? Do you really believe that the elevator will arrive faster?

18. What would you like to become: an unhappy genius or a happy fool?

19. Why are you – are you?

20. Would you like a friend like yourself?

21. What is worse: if your best friend permanently moved abroad or if he lived nearby, but you stopped talking?

22. What are you most grateful to the universe for?

23. What do you choose: to erase all your old memories or not to accumulate new ones?

24. Can truth be achieved without a fight?

25. Your greatest fear has come true?

26. Do you remember how upset you were about something 5 years ago? Does it have any meaning now?

27. What is your happiest childhood memory?

28. What events from the past made you feel even for a moment, are you alive?

29. If not now, then when?

30. If you have not achieved something yet, you have nothing to lose, is it?

31. Did you have such a thing that you spent time with someone in complete silence, and then realized that this was the best conversation in your life?

32. Why did the religion that preaches love cause so many wars?

33. Is it possible to answer without thinking what is good and what is bad?

34. If you were paid a million dollars right now, would you quit your job?

35. Do you have the feeling that today has already been repeated hundreds of times before?

36. If everyone you know dies tomorrow, whom will you visit today?

37. Would you exchange 10 years of your life for worldwide fame?

38. Is there a difference between life and existence? Which one?

39. If we learn from our mistakes, why are we so scared to make them?

40. What would you do differently in your life, knowing that no one would do anything for you?

41. When was the last time you heard the sound of your own heartbeat?

42. What do you like most? What did you do the last time expressing this love?

43. Can you remember what you did yesterday? And the day before yesterday? And last week?

44. Do you make decisions or does someone make them for you?

Did you expect some answers from yourself? Did you manage to listen to your inner voice and find harmony with the world around you? If you are interested in more questions find out more questions that make you think.