5 Great Reasons to Adopt a Cat

5 Great Reasons to Adopt a Cat

Have you ever thought of owning a pet and had no idea how to go about it? It would be best for you to consider adopting one instead of buying. While some people might prefer buying a cat, you should adopt one instead.

Here are five main reasons it is a great idea to adopt a cat.

Adoption Is Cheaper Than Buying

One of the things you will realize when you adopt a cat, especially from a shelter, is it will cost you less than buying one. Adoption is usually done when the cat is young and needs a place to stay.

The other thing you will realize when owning a cat as a pet is that you will spend less on food and supplies.

All you have to do is get a modern cat litter box, and you will be good to go. Your cat might need a blanket and a couple of cat toys, but it is an affordable pet to own for the better part.

Cats Offer Companionship

If you live alone, owning a cat will give you the company you need. Many people have been getting heart issues and even sinking into depression because of feeling lonely.

You do not have to worry about that when you have your furry friend. Even though cats love to enjoy their own company, they are also clingy pets.

You can be sure your cat will be with you everywhere. Studies show that having such a pet will ensure that you have something to look forward to. It makes it easier to deal with depression and suicidal thoughts.

Cats Help with Immunity

Asthma is a disease that many people get at an early age, but with time, the attacks stop as one gets used to the allergens.

If you want your child to stand a better chance at fighting asthma, you should have a cat in the house. Exposing them to the allergens will help when it comes to developing immunity from the cat’s fur.

Many children who have been raised in homes with cats do not have cat allergies or asthma-related complications.

Adoption Gives You More Variety

If you are getting your cat from a shelter, then chances are there are many cats to choose from. You get to choose which pet works for you and go home with it. You can even decide to go home with more than one breed if you want.

Since cats do not cost as much as they would if you bought them, you do not have to worry about spending too much money on them.

Most shelters will even let you adopt the cat for free as long as you prove to them that you can take care of all the cats you get. Some shelters might even give you a family of cats, so you do not separate them at adoption, which is so wholesome.

You Give the Cat a Second Chance at Life

If you research why animal shelters were started, you will realize that many of these pets need a home. They are taken to the shelters for the better part because they were found in such bad shape, and their survival story is often inspiring.

Giving them another chance to live life and explore it without restriction is such a noble task that everyone should think of doing in their lives.

Most of these cats are looking for a place to belong, and they might look like they are grumpy, but once the cats come to your house, they will quickly adapt and make themselves at home.

Adopting from a shelter also helps you reduce the congestion in the said shelter. That way, you play a part in ensuring that animal rights and needs are upheld.


Getting a cat should be something everyone should consider. Cats are like your babies that will never grow up and leave the house.

If you think of a noble way of getting a cat, you should consider adoption instead of buying. It would give the cat a new chance at life and go a long way to ensure shelters can stay sustainable since most are non-profit.