5 men’s tips for girls to become sexier

Using men’s advice on sexuality is almost a cheat code. But there is nothing shameful in such “cheating”.

Another thing is that sexual preferences are a very individual thing, so making a universal guide on them is difficult.

To choose the 5 best men’s tips, I had to re-read independent social studies and polls of recent years on the topic of sexuality.

The result is unequivocal: there are many female details that only individual men like, but there is also a large “universal five” that 9 out of 10 guys adore (and the remaining tenth loves, if not all five, then most of it).

The tips themselves are quite simple and that is why they may not be followed. We often do not think about the obvious, preferring to focus on individual details, but we need to move on to the details when the foundation of sexuality is laid.

1.Turn to the power of aromas

In every man there lives a strong primitive beast that loves not only to watch, but also to touch, try, but the most important thing is to smell.

Every girl understands the importance of appearance, because “a man loves with his eyes”, but he loves not only with them, and sexual attraction is directly related to a more ancient feeling.

Smells act directly on the subconscious, which is why they are most often able to cause in memory some long-forgotten moment or personality.

Sexuality in the subconscious feels like a fish in water, so take advantage. It is not necessary to use an expensive or strong perfume, the main thing is that you like the smell yourself and make up a pair with your natural smell.

This is quite easy to check: if you have not a reduced sense of smell, then go with a new perfume for several hours.

If in just an hour or two you stop feeling it (provided that it really has not weathered), then it harmonizes with your natural smell. Do not forget that you need to apply perfume correctly.

In addition, do not forget that the girl should smell clean. The reverse cannot be masked by any deodorant. By the way, about deodorants – try to ensure that the aromas of all your cosmetics are combined with each other and the main perfume or be neutral.

But you should not count on perfumes with pheromones – it is so individual that only a small number of men are able to react to them.

2.Show femininity

Femininity is not necessarily a stereotype of appearance or behaviour. Of course, a long-haired woman in a dress and high heels will seem feminine to more men than a short-haired girl with a Mohawk, in heavy boots and jeans.

However, the second one can be feminine in grace, plastic, and behavior. Do not be embarrassed by your feminine, because it is beautiful and natural.

Open it exactly as much as you feel comfortable, and sometimes try to slightly go beyond the zone of this familiar comfort. It is possible that you will like it. Do not just confuse femininity with the stereotypical traits that sexists usually attribute to women.

Weakness, tearfulness, mannerism – this is not feminine. All these negative qualities have a reasonable and elegant couple that will make most men feel masculine defenders.

Modesty and willingness to accept help instead of weakness, sensuality instead of tearfulness, good education instead of mannerism – and now a man already considers you a sexual little thing.

3.Show interest in life:

There is a certain type of sad girls, similar to the poetess of the Silver Age, who is also sexy, – but it is rare for such a melancholy image to be suitable for life, and not for a mask.

In fact, men like the girl to smile, be moderately active, have a sense of humour (specially to laugh at their jokes).

Few people are ready to endure a constantly annoying, discouraging and sad being, here the question is no longer in the field or personality, but in the very nature of such constancy.

Do not be afraid to demonstrate your openness to the world, try something new, do not hesitate to talk about your successes and plans.

“Zhivchiki” charge people around with special fire and interest, including sexual. Just do not intercept over the edge.

4.Do not forget about the “devil in the details” One of the aphorisms says:

“Some men, having fallen in love with a dimple on the cheek, mistakenly marry the whole girl.” There is common sense in it, because men really fall in love with details and often start from small things too.

Interestingly, it can often seem as if men do not notice the details or even deliberately ignore them.

So, for example, there are many examples of the fact that a man does not notice a new dress, hairdo or even does not know the color of his lover’s eyes.

The fact is that their attention is selective, and they see only those little things that interest them or surprise them.

It is from the little things that their general impression is formed: from gestures, vivid details, manner or words, laughter and little habits.

Try to be critical of your own image and inspect yourself for these very little things.

They can be negative, for example, groomed nails. Be sure that many men will pay attention to this, so get rid of small minuses and start small pluses.

5.Do not attract too much sexual attention:

The secret of female sex appeal to men is twofold, like the Schrodinger cat. If you draw increased attention to your own sexuality, then for most men, paradoxically, become less sexual.

In addition, they may incorrectly assess your actions and form a wrong and unflattering opinion about you.

Most of all men are excited by their own imagination, so if you leave a lot of space for imagination, then they themselves will “come up” with sexuality abruptly than mother nature.

So forget about the deep neckline and overly open dresses. You can sometimes use one sexual detail, for example, stockings on garters, adequate neckline, a short skirt, leather pants or stilettos, but only one.

Then it will attract and force you to think over the rest, and if there are several of them, then this will not benefit your image.