5 Proven Web Application Development Techniques

5 Proven Web Application Development Techniques
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Web applications as of now have become a major determiner for the success of a firm in particular.

Be it any business organization that needs to spread its wing across the entire market, or any not for profit organization that wishes to offer welfare to the public, the common media used in contemporary times is, of course, web applications.

With web applications, it is essential to reach out to the majority of the target audience, and at the very same time, provide ease of access to people.

Moreover, the presence of mobile technologies is a highly different niche that allows major progress in web applications, as more and more customers are getting added to the same.

Therefore, moving to mobile services, and allowing access to the databases, web portals and dashboards using the same, has become the prime aim of new thinkers in the market.

Contemporary Status of Electronic Markets

Coming to the fact that electronic markets are being developed, and surfacing of their presence makes it a really big impact on the current scenario of the market.

Majority of customers now would want to make it to the online markets and, order and purchase whatever they would want to.

This is a really great prospect for the web application developers as new web applications are needed every now and then to serve the common cause.

Therefore, web application development seems of prime importance for computer engineers and software developers.

The software engineers might find it interesting to deal with the modern needs and necessities of the firm in the market, and constantly improving their own methods to counter the same shall be the driving force behind such an improvisation.

To get to the basics behind software development and web application development techniques, a person shall understand and trust the following computer programming languages which actually form the foundation of functioning and operation of applications.


Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is a basic and standard language that could be thought of as to be presented into the forms of web pages when opened up with the help of a web browser.

Therefore, in the case of web application development, it is the most widely used programming language that indirectly and virtually prepares an interface to be used by visitors to come across.

The hyperlinks, marquee texts and images, all of these could be attached to the web page that is being created, and thus to operate the same using a mobile phone with a web application is a new way.

There are 5 versions of the software which could be analogously known as the sequels of the language.


When other programming languages were trying to create their own essential executable format, JAVA prepared something that could be run on any software.

Once the code is written in this language, the development of the web application can be executed using any other computer language software.

Moreover, the development of other languages such as C, C++ and ANSI C could be linked to the JAVA scripts.

Therefore, it could be practically seen and observed as one of the most basic languages which is class-based and object-oriented.

Moreover, it is a general-purpose programming language having some low-level function capabilities available to itself.

3. C and C++

C is a general-purpose objected oriented programming language that offers a wide scope for web application development to the code writers.

Many software engineers focus their attention over the scriptwriting and code creation with C and C++, as the knowledge of the syntax for these two languages enables understanding of the majority of programming languages.

The structured programming modules are efficient ways to represent the codes which are written down in the scriptwriter.

Moreover, with the use of JAVA, C has been standardized to ANSI C in 1989, making it quite compatible with the rest of the programming languages and operating systems.

4. Python

As a successor to the ABC language, Python enjoys much of the features which are absent in other languages.

In current times, it is one of the most widely used programming languages. It is a high-level language which is favoured too much just because it has a wide collection of libraries and function sets that could be readily available for use.

Again, it is a general-purpose programming language allowing the user to make effective use of white spaces and indented codes.

It runs on many operating systems, Python Enhancement Proposal (PEP) offers a platform to be used so that community can help each other improve on web development procedures.


Asynchronous JavaScript + XML create a synchronous web application which could be linked together to send and retrieve data from a server.

Sending and receiving data is a really necessary technique to be used in web applications.

To develop on this front using the codes written in JAVA script shall seem highly progressive for the developers and software engineers to be exact.

AJAX uses the execution of codes to send data and receive it from the main server using the web technologies on the client-side, thereby enabling communication between the two ends.


With these techniques which are mentioned above, it becomes a highly dynamic process to remain active.

With the development going on, in accordance with the faults arising every now and then, these techniques do provide a platform to keep working on.

Therefore, in order to start with building up any web application, the first and foremost step is of recognizing a valid programming language such as JAVA, HTML or C, and then creating a grasp over the same.

The language then could be used to build an application, and with the presence of the application and ASP, the operations would allow the surfacing of faults and loopholes.

There then the web application development comes into a scene that not only removes them but also allows communication between client-server and the main node on multiple channels at ease.

Thus, web application development technologies are an essentially dynamic process.

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