5 Things You Need for the Ultimate Spa Night In

5 Things You Need for the Ultimate Spa Night In

Every once in a while, it is a good idea to book yourself a night off and do something relaxing. With everything you have going on during the week, you certainly deserve to feel pampered and relaxed.

So, there is no better way to give yourself the treat that you need than to enjoy a few spa treatments.

Unfortunately, even a half-day at a quality spa will cost you a fair amount of money. Such a fact might be enough to discourage you from giving yourself the spa break you have dreamed of.

If a day at the spa is not exactly in your budget for the month, there is still one way in which you can enjoy the relaxing night in that you desperately need. With some creativity and a small amount of planning, you can design your very own spa night in.

A spa night in is also quite a bit more convenient than actually going to a spa for a day. You will have everything you need right at home, and you do not have to give yourself a time limit on your treatments, so take your time and indulge.

If you are looking to have a nice, relaxing spa night at home, here are five things that you will need.

1. Products

Before you start to organize any other aspect of your spa night at home, you will want to find and order the products you will be using for your at-home treatments.

Whether you would like to give yourself a hydrating facial mask or put together a spa pedicure for yourself, you will want to stock up on some quality products for the occasion.

Since this is meant to be a treat, do not be afraid to go all-out and get yourself some products that are of good quality. However, do not let hefty price tags for such items make you think twice, either.

You can get the products you want for a sizeable discount when using a Dermalogica promo code. This way, you will not have to break the bank for your relaxing night in.

2. A Clean Space

Once you have all of your treatments and products selected and ordered, you will want to make sure that you have a relaxing space in which to enjoy them.

Even though it might take a bit of elbow grease, you should take the time to clean and de-clutter your bathroom in preparation for your spa night.

If your bathroom is too cluttered and unorganized, you will not be able to relax the way you want to. Furthermore, you want your tub and the surfaces of your bathroom to be clean and sanitary for your spa night.

With a sparkling clean space as the setting for your spa night, you will have the perfect environment to unwind in.

3. Candles

Aromatherapy is one of the best ways to start the relaxation process on your spa night in. Luxurious candles made with essential oils like eucalyptus or lavender and designed to promote relaxation are just what you need for your spa night.

Moreover, candlelight can instantly transform your ordinary bathroom into your ultimate spa-like escape. They can serve as a complementary lighting element in conjunction with dimmed recess lighting in your bathroom.

There is a classically relaxing quality to candlelight that will provide the perfect degree of ambiance to help you unwind and get the most out of your spa night in.

4. Plush Towels

One of the best aspects of being at the spa is getting to dry off in some of the comfiest, coziest towels around. Towels that are truly plush and super soft might not be ideal for everyday use, but they are certainly essential if you want to give yourself the ultimate spa night in.

You can even take things a step further by putting your towel on a gentle cycle in the dryer for a few minutes. This will make your towels perfectly warm and incredibly comfortable for your spa night. Just make sure that you do not leave them in for too long or at too hot of a setting as this might damage them.

5. Relaxing Tunes

The last piece of the puzzle when you are planning your ultimate spa night is the music that you will listen to. There are a couple of different ways that you can go with your music selection, and the one that you choose is completely dependent on your personal preference.

There are plenty of spa playlists that you can download to listen to if you are hoping to feel just like you are at a real spa. Sometimes, a simple, soothing collection of nature sounds can be the ideal soundtrack to a spa night.

If you are not interested in these types of music selections, another option is simply to go with your favorite playlist. The idea is for you to be able to relax.

So whatever music helps you to unwind best and enjoy a break is the type of tunes that you should go with.