6 Fields That Have Been Permanently Changed By Covid-19

6 Fields That Have Been Permanently Changed By Covid-19

COVID-19 pandemic emerged at a period when the world was not ready. Everyone has felt the impacts in one way or the other. The pandemic had permanently affected the following fields:

1. Education and Learning

Closure of schools was among the COVID-19 restriction measures put by the government. Colleges, universities, students, and teachers have been affected by the pandemic greatly.

The United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization reveals that more than 800 million students globally have felt the impact of COVID-19 in their education.

More than 102 countries ordered the closure of schools, with 11 of them implementing localized closure. Statistics reveal that one out of five learners cannot attend school, one out of four students are unable to participate in higher education.

Numerous death cases have been reported due to COVID-19, and in response, the government has prioritized funding health-related projects and reduced the education budget.

The education calendar is yet to resume normalcy, especially in Africa, where many countries had ordered massive school closure.

Some learners who were privileged enough have the opportunity to carry on with education usually. VA CLE is among the institutions that have adopted the online learning culture even before the emergence of the pandemic.

The institution requires 12 credit hours in a year, with six being taken live while the other six are conducted online. The students also do receive CLE bundles which make it easy for them to attend classes.

Other countries are still struggling to adopt the online teaching model, which has proven to be the new norm.

2. Redefinition of Jobs

An increase in the value accorded to different workers has been redefined. The roles played by some key workers such as health care staff, delivery persons, supermarket, and frontline staff has been recognized highly. Reports state that there is a possibility of this recognition translating into long-term pay.

Societal inequalities in terms of those most vulnerable to losing their employment have also been brought to light. Most people have been in a dilemma between risking acquiring the virus or losing their jobs.

Work from home has become a new norm, and it has been revealed to be less tedious than physical jobs since workers enjoy flexible zoom meetings. COVID-19 has portrayed what we can achieve if we utilized the technology we have.

3. Health Care

Social distancing and lockdowns as measures devised to contain the spread of COVID-19 subjected most people globally to various mental issues.

The health sector is under pressure from the spreading virus, mental health, provision of other regular health care services. Too many resources have been directed towards the research and production of the COVID-19 virus.

Health care is suffering from congestion from patients and a lack of proper facilities required to offer services to patients. COVID-19 has put the lives of many health care practitioners at risk. The latter impact is projected to continue as long as the pandemic exists.

4. Tourism

Records state that by 2019, the total number of international tourists traveling amounted to 1.5 billion. The last-mentioned number is enough proof that tourism contributes thoroughly to the economy.

Tourism was among the most hard-hit sectors in the economy, introducing lockdowns and restrictions on movement. The travel sector was reported as among the significant contributors to the high spread of the virus.

WHO therefore had to mitigate and establish ravel regulations which are yet to be lifted until the population develops a herd immunity through vaccination?

5. Online business and Services

Physical contact led to the spread of diseases. The closure of restaurants forced people to have take-outs. Online businesses during this period were at a peak since it was viewed as the most convenient way to stop the virus from spreading.

The world has become more digitalized during the COVID period, and physical stalls are yet to recover the loss encountered. Online business has kept things operational during this challenging period and has proved to be a trend adopted globally.

6. Demography

Numerous deaths have been associated with COVID-19. The correct number of total death losses across the globe is yet to be recovered since new death cases are reported every day.

Health researchers are unaware of when COVID-19 will be contained, and it will continue to take more lives.

If you have lost a loved one or a job during the pandemic, take heart. We all need to join hands and assume courage as we continue fighting this Corona virus.

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