6 Tips to Make Your Long Commute Better

6 Tips to Make Your Long Commute Better

To some people, the idea of having to commute back and forth to work can be disheartening. It is easy for a person to feel as if all of their time in the car or public transportation is wasted.

If you are an individual who has to make a long commute to work, do not despair. There are various tactics that you can use in order to get the best from your long commute.

Keep in mind, this is a unique time in your life when you are completely alone. If you live with others or you have a family, there are people constantly around you, but when you are in the car, train, or bus, it is your own world, so take advantage of these golden moments.

1. Catch Up With Old Friends or Family Members

Your commute to work is a great time for you to be able to catch up with those individuals who you are not able to talk to when you are at home.

There are plenty of people who you have not caught up with-in a long time, and in order to have a good relationship with them, it is important to do regular check-ins. Use the time that you are commuting to and from work and talk to close friends or family.

2. Catch Up On the News or Sports

There is something new happening every day, but you may not have time to read the newspaper or read online. Take advantage of this time in your car, and catch up with the daily news.

Has your radio station already set up so that you can have your news channel come up as soon as you head out? This way, you are able to find out what is going on in your neighborhood or find out if there are any accidents on your route to work.

You can even download or listen to your favorite sports podcast. If you are a Lakers fan, you can head over to Lakers Nation and download a podcast to stay up to date with the latest updates and Lakers rumors news.

3. Learn A Language

There are plenty of programs that can help you to learn a language all by just listening. Take advantage of the time in your commute, and learn the language that you’ve always been interested in. While you are driving, you can listen and talk, and no one has to be there to hear your accident.

4. Learn About Personal Finance

There are amazing podcasts that you can listen to that will help you to improve your finances. While you are driving, listen to podcasts by Dave Ramsey, Optimal Finance Daily, or other podcasts that will allow you to learn about how to earn, save and invest.

5. Pack Your Snacks

If you have a long commute, the last thing that you want is to get hangry. It can already be frustrating to have to drive in traffic, and if you’re hungry, it can complicate matters.

In order to avoid hunger on your commute to and from work, pack your favorite snacks. In this way, you will have something to look forward to when you get into your car.

6. Leave Early

The last thing that you want to have to worry about is rushing to work. One of the most stressful things about a long commute can be the feeling that you are running late.

In order to avoid that, be sure to leave at least 15 to 20 minutes early. By giving yourself that extra cushion of time, you will be ahead of the game if anything unexpected occurs in route to work.

Make Your Commute Successful

If you are a person who has to commute to work every day, then you do not want this time to be a complete drag.

Take advantage of the time that you are spending alone in your car, train, or bus by strategically planning the time that you leave and the path that you are going to take to work, and enjoy great listening activities during your commute.

All of us have to work, and not everyone is able to work from home. Remember that you are blessed to be able to have a job to go to every day, and commuting to work should not feel like a chore. See it as a golden opportunity for you to spend quality time with yourself.