7 Tips to Transform Your Garage Into a Room

Converting a garage into a useful bedroom is a perfect way to use the space that is not capable to meet its potential. If you are not using your garage for vehicle parking and now it is converting into a storeroom, then you should convert it into a livable space.

First of all, remove everything from your garage and clean it thoroughly with a good quality backpack HEPA vacuum.

After that, start the construction process. An extra bedroom will make your house spacious and also increase the aesthetics of your place. Also, the extra bedroom will increase the resale value of your house.

Implement the following tips and tricks to convert your garage into a bedroom:

1. Take Building Permit

First of all, you should take the permission for the specified authorities of your city to convert the garage into a bedroom. There are various cities where you have to take permission before starting any construction work.

Sometimes, the simple and easiest job requires paperwork. Well, people avoid doing paperwork but it is always beneficial to take necessary permissions to prevent you from unwanted troubles.

2. Create a Perfect Plan

You should prepare in advance and draw a perfect plan for garage transformation into a bedroom. Figure out what are important things that you need in your garage to make it livable.

Make a list of all the things that are required. You should also consider the types of lighting fixtures you need inside the new bedroom. This list will let you start your project efficiently. Also, it will save your precious time, efforts and money as well.

3. Think about Insulation

Once you have created a perfect plan, the next step is to start the construction work. You should remove the old garage door and block it up. This will make your room warmer and also help you to complete the interior work efficiently.

You should ensure that the entire room is well insulated.  Usually, all garages are not constructed with special care because they are built to just park our vehicle.  Therefore, the garages are not efficient in warm-up space during the winter season. You should insulate your new bedroom so that you can sleep well here without any problem.

4. Start Hanging Sheetrock

To make your room insulated from inside as well, you should hang drywall inside. Precisely tape and mud the seams so that you can easily accomplish this time-consuming task.

Leave it for some time so that joint compound dry well. After that start takes a medium-grit sanding block and sands it down. Finally, remove the dust collected over the floor with a cordless HEPA backpack vacuum and finally wipe it with a mop.

5. Paint the Walls

Nobody wants to live in a room where the wall paint is fading and crumbling. Also, check the type of paint used in your garage walls. If it is lead-based paint, then you should remove the old paint with a backpack HEPA vacuum for lead paint. After that, you should consider laying down a few primer coats on your wall and then apply the final layer of paint and primer solution. Also, you can consider two thin layers of paint on the wall.

Finally, when the paint is dried completely, then you should consider the installation of decorative trim. You should ensure that everything is at the proper level with a perfect finishing touch.

6. Install New Flooring

If you want to place new carpets on your floor, and then make sure you choose the perfect padding, It is so because the garage floor is very cold and hard as well. The proper carpet padding will make your floor warm and soft as well.

On the other hand, if you want to have tile flooring, then you should consider the installation of radiant heat beneath the tiles. In case you want to have a hardwood look, then you should consider a snap-together lamination.

You can easily contrast the area rugs with hardwood appearance of your floor and make your room peaceful. Before bringing inside the furniture, you should clean the floor with Atrix HEPA vacuum to remove the dirt collected over it. Also, wipe it with a mop to get the shinning look.

7. Enhance Its Decor

Finally, after installing the tiles, your room is ready for decoration. While placing the required furniture inside the new bedroom, you should be careful of door and window placement and opening.

In your new bedroom, you should never place your bed on the side of your outer walls. Also, consider the electric outlet with your bed placement.