7 ways to Make Laundry Easier? No. 6 Will Shock You

7 ways to Make Laundry Easier No. 6 Will Shock You

We all would give anything to make the laundry day disappear. However, in reality, we can run away from anything but an ascending pile of dirty clothes.

That said, while we have nothing to make the pain go away, we actually have seven potent strategies that can and will make you look forward to the doing home laundry, provided you aren’t going with laundry service Dubai. 

1. Frequency vs. Volume

The approach here is simple. You need to prioritize the nature of home laundry and follow a set pattern to make the job easier.

Firstly, a higher frequency would mean that you wash two pieces of garments each day. While the workload is less, you would need to work with detergents, on a daily basis.

The ‘Volume’ approach, however, treads on the lines of procrastinating. This means you need not visit the bathroom daily but actually attend to an enormous pile of clothes, all at once.

Once you have decided the approach, you need to stick to the same for simplifying the process. 

2. Think of it as a Day to Help or Excavate

You must have witnessed one of your family members handle laundry while you were young. Think of the laundry day as a token of appreciation and a way to return the favour to those ailing hands.

One of the better ways to simplify laundry is to make it an exciting journey that relies on helping others. Moreover, think of laundry day as a way to search for those secret treasuries that you might have non-deliberately stash into the secret pockets.

3. Make the Process Exciting

Doing all the clothes at once might be a monotonous strategy if there isn’t anything to make the same exciting. Therefore, proper segregation is what we require.

This includes pushing dark hues in one corner and the lights in the other. Moreover, if there are two people handling the laundry, the work gets distributed and doesn’t even feel like a stretch.

 4. The ‘To-Do’ Bucket

Here is an approach that works more like a laundry planner. Try to get hold of a laundry bin and tag it as ‘Me First’. This way, you would throw in the garments that are recently soiled, right into the bin. This is one innovative solution to reduce extensive workload and attend to the more sensitive clothes, almost immediately.

5. Involve Family, in a Fun Way

The laundry feels fun if it is considered an activity instead of a duty. Therefore, it would be easier to go through the process if you involve the entire family and get them to do the underlining processes, like filling up the socks in one basket, uppers in one— so on and so forth.  

 6. Fold and Fun

Washing clothes and putting them through the drier aren’t the only aspects a good laundry day. If you aren’t folding the clothes as they come out of the dryer, you are making them prone to wrinkles.

Therefore, if you see a wrinkled pile of washed clothes at the end of the day, the entire motivation is bound to go down the drain.

7. Make Detergents Visible

Similar to professionals offering laundry services, Dubai Marina is one region where people store their detergents in glass containers. This way, confusions can be averted. The right type of cloth gets the right detergent and the quality is maintained.


Most professional laundry services in Dubai follow some or all of the mentioned principles for making laundry fun. However, as you do not have the professional motivation, these techniques can do wonders in case of house laundry.