8 Most Common Problems of iPhone and Their Solutions

8 Most Common Problems of iPhone and Their Solutions

Apple’s iPhone is one of the most widely and commonly used smartphones in the world. But, like every other smartphone, iPhones too can have problems.

But there is nothing to worry about, as any iPhone issue can be fixed in no time. Minor software problems can easily be solved by following some instructions, but hardware problems can be solved by Apple stores

Or other brands that offer iPhone repair services. However, we have put down some common iPhone issues and their solutions.

1. Battery Life Issue

One of the most common and irritating problems of an iPhone or any other smartphone for that matter is low battery or fast draining of battery.

These problems can occur with extended usage and can happen after an iOS upgrade. The battery problem can be solved by controlling apps that consume much power, such as Google Maps, Uber, or Youtube. You can also factory reset your iPhone and it might solve the issue.

2. Overheating

Whenever an iPhone gets too hot due to continuous usage, users will find a message glaring on their screens “iPhone needs to cool down before you can use it”.

This means that your iPhone has overheated. In some cases, overheating has caused the iPhone to explode. To tackle overheating, you must immediately switch off your iPhone when you get the message and take off the back case of your iPhone.

3. Cannot Connect to Wi-Fi

Some users have complained that their Wi-Fi cannot connect to a network. For this, you have first to switch off your iPhone and then restart it. Restarting solves any minor glitch of your iPhone.

After the phone has restarted, your Wi-Fi will start to work correctly again. If the issue is still not solved, you can go to “Settings”> “Wi-Fi” and scroll to the end of the page and change the “HTTP proxy” to auto settings.

4. Camera Issues

If you have enabled any restrictions regarding your iPhone’s camera, it might not work.

To solve this, you can go to “Settings”> “General” instructions and then turn on the camera and your camera problem will be solved.

If this does not solve the camera issue, then try to reset your phone. It might solve the problem.

5. Touch Screen is not working

iPhones, like any other smartphone, can also have touchscreen problems. It means that the touchscreen might have stopped responding or all you have in front of you is a black screen.

In such cases, it is advised that you reset your iPhone. But, if your iPhone screen is cracked and not responding, this is most definitely a hardware issue and, you should try contacting Apple Support to get the problem solved.

6. Face ID Issue

Face ID is a face recognition feature that iPhones use to authenticate the permission to use applications or access your device without entering your passcode.

Many iPhone users have complained that their Face ID is not working. Face ID usually malfunctions whenever right after upgrading the iOS. The simple solution to this is to reboot your device.

You can also try to reset your Face ID from the “Settings” menu and the problem might be solved. If all these solutions do not work, try contacting Apple centre and, they will be able to look into your problem.

7. Slow iPhone

There are times when you have something important to do on your iPhone and the device is running too slow. It can be extremely frustrating.

You can try deleting some apps that you hardly use and clear the Cache data in such a situation.

Sometimes, certain apps have a lot of cache data that can result in slow functioning. Removing them can speed up the functioning of your iPhone.

8. No New Version of iOS Update

Sometimes, you might not get the notification of new versions of iOS updates. In such a situation, connect your phone to a PC and force restart your device.

It will make the iPhone go to recovery mode and, you will get the option for the latest update. After the update, your iPhone will function normally.

These are some of the most common problems that you can encounter if you have an iPhone and their respective solutions.

However, if these solutions do not help you, you can easily find iPhone repair services near you by googling “iPhone repair near me”.

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