8 reasons why you should smoke weed every day

8 reasons why you should smoke weed every day

With legalization kicking in like never before, weed is fast becoming a daily routine to some users. Not that all these users taking weed daily are addicts.

Marijuana has the potential to cause dependency. However, for this special group of stoners, it is like your daily meals. There are solid reasons why one should be rolling a new joint every other day.

This article is all about why you should follow suit and the benefits that people taking marijuana to enjoy. Honestly, there are so many reasons why Snoop Dogg wants you to smoke weed every day. We are talking solid reasons not mere excuses.

Very much effective in relieving stress and anxiety

Stress is fatal. It leads to a plethora of complex conditions such as diabetes and hypertension. Toking up daily kills your stress and anxiety making you feel calm and relaxed. The two most active phytocannabinoids in weed, THC, and Best CBD Vape, work the magic.

CBD interacts with CB1 receptors that have a direct impact on serotonin levels in our bodies. Serotonin is responsible for your mood changes. Cannabidiol ensures optimum serotonin levels are produced and with a good mood all the negative stress dies out.

On the other hand, THC is a great peace-maker at low doses. High doses of THC may result in a confused state which is more stressful. However, our bodies tolerate different THC doses. You need to try different THC levels to know which one works best for you.

An alternative to prescription pain killers

Chronic pain becomes more prevalent with adding more days to your name. As you age, your immune system weakens making you prone to conditions and diseases characterized by chronic pain.

Phytocannabinoid therapy has your back if you experience pain on a daily basis. What is, even more, weed is less harmful than some prescribed medication that kills your sensory neurons. Weed eases muscle aches, joint inflammations back pain and even pain due to injury.

Calm your nerves making you focus even better

Ever experienced wandering nerves when you badly need them calm enough to give you the newest creation of a design or idea? Taking weed daily can easily get you sorted that is if you don’t get stoned when handling a client’s project.

Smoking weed may increase your concentration in more useful things. Research has it how people with ADD or ADHD focus better with using cannabis. Smile weed every day if it makes you get things done better and faster.

Hit a puff and make new friends

Honestly, weed can easily turn some introverts into extroverts. There is this adage of a dude who had zero guts asking his best friend for a date. His wingman suggested a few puffs and a few moments later, the dude was seated next to his wife to be making her laugh through dinner. What is even more, stoner friends connect deeper than those who don’t.
Magnify your fun

The imagination of chain-smoking while watching your favorite movies is near orgasmic. This is what happens when you replace useless popcorn with finely rolled joints to puff with your buddies; you magnify the fun.

And it is simple to understand why, unless you are totally stoned. Anything that is fun to see becomes funnier. It won’t take long before your ribs start hurting from hearty laughter.

A new green for weight loss

You wanted a smaller waistline so you ditched meat to go vegan. Well, there is one green that everyone is forgetting how it helps in weight loss.

Smoking cannabis daily boosts the body’s metabolism. An optimized metabolism means that excessive fats are burnt with every joint you light. Cannabis had the potential to be the acceleration towards a sexier looking you.

Makes menstrual cramps suck less

Cannabis and PMS have a story to tell. It’s a royal story entailing how Queen Victoria became the first woman to use marijuana for her cramps. Well, some of our ladies experience excruciating pain whenever they have their menses.

With the antinociceptive properties of cannabis, those boring cramps are kept in check. You will be at peace thanks to the calming effects of THC and CBD.

A puff a day keeps insomnia at bay

Think about this; a heavy munch compounded by relaxed muscles and peace of mind. Smoke marijuana daily and you will wake up from dreaming about a good night’s sleep. Altogether, you will find it hard to sleep with muscle cramps, stress or pain. With all these kept away from you, falling asleep becomes as easy as ABC.

There you have it, eight solid reasons (not excuses) why you need to light a joint today with Drdabber.