9 Amazing Things To Do In Vatican City In 2020

9 Amazing Things To Do In Vatican City In 2020

The Vatican is the smallest independent state in the world with a population of less than 1,000. Located in the centre of Rome is the headquarters and administrative centre of the Vatican Catholic Church.

Whether it is to beautify St. Peter’s Basilica or take a stroll around the Vatican Museum, Vatican City has a lot to offer.

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Things To Do In Vatican City

The Vatican may be a small country in Europe, but it has more exciting experiences than any city in the world. After all, it is the headquarters of the Pope. Here are some of the best things in Vatican City.

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1. Hang Around Saint Peter’s Square

The most iconic portrait of Vatican City, St. Peter’s Square, is located in the centre of this small state. A place where the Pope hosts his pope audience, St. Peter’s Square has the capacity to hold 400,000 people. The Square and Basilica derive its name from Saint Peter, an apostle of Jesus who was the first pope.

St. Peter’s Square is surrounded by two large impulses and four pillars. Colonization. Represents the maternal arms of the Mother Church. You can also find two small fountains, equivalent to colonnades and obelisks.

You can easily draw a picture on the square of the Regal St. Peter’s Basilica. One of the excellent things to do in Vatican City is to visit this historic St. Peter’s Square.

2. Wonder At Saint Peter’s Basilica

Another grand site is St. Peter’s Basilica. The gateway to the majestic St. Peter’s Basilica Built-in between 1506 and 1626? this place is built on the mausoleum of St. Peter the first bishop of Rome.

Designed by Michelangelo, the Basilica of St. Peter is ornamented with elaborate fashions and contains many wonderfully designed ornaments, sculptures, and monuments. You can also have great views of Rome as you climb to the top of the Dome.

Admission is absolutely free for both Grupos and Basilica but must follow a certain dress code. Avoid wearing sleeveless tops, short skirts, and shorts.

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3. Visit The Vatican Necropolis

Below the basilica is the Vatican Necropolis where St. Peter’s Tomb is available. A former cemetery of Christians killed by Emperor Nero, including St. Peter’s, the Vatican Necropolis is one of the magnificent things in Vatican City.

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4. Meet The Pope

The leader of the Catholic Church, the Pope heads Vatican City. Furthermore, he is one of the leading people in the world and meeting him is one of the best things to do in Vatican City.

This is one of the free things to do in Vatican City, you need a ticket to visit the Pope but it is not charged (absolutely free). If you are not available on Wednesday, you can listen to the brief speech he gave from the window on Sunday afternoon.

5. Relish The Artworks

Your tour in Vatican City is not complete until you visit the Vatican Museum (considered one of the largest museums in the world). Established during the 16th century, this historical museum consists of 54 galleries, with 1400 rooms.

In addition to featuring works composed by the Pope over the centuries, the galleries are also painted with sculptures and paintings by artists such as Leonardo da Vinci. Also, there are many historical artefacts collected by the Catholic Church from around the world.

A part of the Vatican Museum, the Sistine Chapel is known for its stunning frescoes on the roof of Michelangelo and on the altar wall. In addition, the Sistine Chapel serves as the private chapel of the Pope.

The museum has an emphasis on the Rafael room which includes a large collection of murals painted by the artist. Visiting this place and discovering beautiful architecture is definitely one of the most famous things in Vatican City.

6. Wander Around In The Vatican Gardens

One of the free things to do in Vatican City is to take a walk around the beautiful Vatican Gardens. Getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life, and relax in the lush green paradise of the Vatican Gardens.

Covering more than half the area of ​​Vatican City, the park is divided into various sections that repeat various historical periods. One thing to note here is that this garden is open only for guided tours.

Take a stroll around the Renaissance fountain, this garden has wonderful mini gardens and magnificent sculptures. The presence of St. Peter’s Basilica in the background is truly iconic.

7. Take A Photo With A Swiss Guard

Taking a selfie with the Swiss Guard is one of the fun things to do in Vatican City. You will be really fascinated by its modest comic appearance and it is known as the real army of the city.

Guarding the city since 1506, Swiss Catholic men in the Guards are aged between 19 and 30 (undergoing military training). For the Pope’s protection, guards carry traditional weapons such as halberds and they also use firearms and martial arts.

You are really welcome to take a picture with the Swiss Guard but when they are on duty, expect them to pose for you.

8. Stop Over At The Castel Sant’Angelo

Considered one of the best things to do in Vatican City. It was built in the second century and contained the tomb of the Roman Emperor Hadrian. Later, it was converted into a military fort, then a Pope residence, and finally into a contemporary museum.

Thanks to the Archangel Michael statue woven at the top of the tower, you can enjoy the breathtaking scenery.

It includes rooms that serve as the Pope’s residence and a special collection of prison cells and weapons are also shown here. Coming to the top floor, it encloses a small terrace that treats visitors to lip-smoking coffee while enjoying the view of Rome.

9. Tour This Place At Night

There are many things to do in Vatican City at night but visit the Vatican Museum for a magical experience.

They open their doors on Friday nights from April to October, feel the privilege of walking in the corridors and admire the artwork of this museum. Imagine the feeling of music played during the moonlight, is it beautiful? Outside the museum, outdoor concerts are organized by classical musicians.

Take a romantic stroll to St. Peter’s Square that is illuminated by the dome lights of the Basilica and is situated in a peaceful location. After visiting all these places, you can also visit the nearest restaurants in Rome.

Surprised? With all these exciting things in Vatican City, we bet you are! Book a trip to Europe and visit this small place that this paradise offers you. You will not only be amazed to see how beautiful this country is but also its importance on religion and faith.

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