9 Compatibility Signs That Prove You’re a Great Couple

9 Compatibility Signs That Prove You’re a Great Couple

We all want to be part of a dynamic duo. It’s why so many of us spend so much time trying to find the best hookup sites 2021.

Deep down, many of us know that great couples make great teammates as they move through life. But what traits define a great couple? And how do we know if we’ve met our match?

These 9 signs are broad tips that many perfectly matched couples share. You and your partner might not have every single one. However, having a strong combination of a few means you’re probably found your perfect match! But how can you tell? Let’s see!

9 Ways to Tell If You’re in a Great Couple

1. You Laugh Together

A shared sense of humor is one of the first signs of compatibility over the message that you might notice. Even texting or messaging online your shared humor will translate and, if you can laugh together, you’ll know pretty early on.

Sharing a joke with your partner is also a sign of relationship longevity. Couples who can genuinely laugh together can make it through tough times.

2.  You Celebrate Good News Together

Couples who support each other don’t generally need to complete all the time. Instead of constantly trying to outdo one another, you support each other’s victories. If you and your partner are genuinely pleased for each other when things go well, then you make a great couple.

3.  You Don’t Zone Out

One of the highest predictors for divorce is if a couple stops acknowledging one another. One partner speaks and the other zones out and barely listen or even acknowledges them at all.

This is a sign you’re headed for disaster. In strong relationships, even when things have become routine, couples take time to listen and respond to each other. This makes both parties feel respected and stops feelings of resentment and rejection from building up.

4.  You Appreciate Each Other’s Differences

Among many great couple quotes, one always stands true: “Find out the similarities, respect the differences”. Because one of the most reliable signs of compatibility is when couples appreciate each other’s differences, rather than criticizing or trying to change them. This allows both parties to feel truly seen and appreciated in a relationship.

5.  You Don’t Criticize 

Signs of compatibility in a relationship are sometimes easy to spot. When you’re in a great couple, you will notice that you never criticize each other in a destructive way. Even constructive criticism is given gently and with an understanding that both partners are free to act as they see fit. In a great couple, you’re free to be yourself and don’t feel like your partner is trying to change you.

6.  You Know How to Argue

Contrary to popular belief, great couples fight – sometimes pretty regularly. Knowing how to fight is far more important than never fighting. In fact, avoiding conflict can do more harm than good. When great couples fight, they know to express themselves clearly and to keep the fight on topic. They also know to walk away when things get too heated, and to give each other space to cool off, before resolving the fight.

<img alt = “Couple quarreling on the street”>

7.  You Share Core Values

A great couple doesn’t need to have everything in common. However, sharing core values is important. Great couples generally agree on the ways they want to live their life, rather than their specific interests.

This allows them to build towards a future together with shared core values. This could be a commitment to their careers or strong family orientation. Either way, sharing these values makes for some rock-solid couples.

8.  You Miss Each Other

A great couple will have full lives outside of each other, but they will still miss each other when they are apart. Great couples communicate regularly when they are apart and don’t make each other feel forgotten about.

If you struggle with missing your partner while you’re away, try taking some great couple photos to carry with you. As an alternative, you can also plan to travel. There are plenty of ways to plan some great couple getaways to enjoy time together.

9.  You Share the Load

People in great couples don’t feel like they are being left to carry everything themselves. Instead, they tend to split responsibilities equally.

This doesn’t mean they split every task in half, but they play to their strengths and support each other’s efforts. For instance, if one partner works long hours to earn the primary income, the other takes care of the house. Or if one works from home, they will cook while the other does the grocery shop.


Looking for signs of compatibility in horoscopes or subtle behavior is fine, but great relationships are always those that stand the test of time.

If you find that you and your partner are developing any of these traits, there’s a good chance you’re in for lasting love. This type of affection is what makes you a great couple!

So, do you and your partner share any of these great couple traits? What do you think is the recipe for relationship success? Share your love tips in the comments!

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