9 Smart House Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners

All pets are very cute, but they can create a mess in your house. But, little efforts can prevent your house from dog mess. The below-mentioned tips can help you from the frustration of handling the mess created by your new four-legged family member.

1. Manage Pet Dander

The most common problem all pet owners face is managing the pet hair. You should prevent your floor, clothes, carpet, and furniture as well from pet hair. Regularly clean the floor with a vacuum backpack to remove pet hair.

You should get one old towel and place it where your pet loves to take rest. Every morning shake the towel outside to get rid of pet hair. Also, wash it after 2 to 3 days. Regular pet grooming will also reduce the problem of pet dander.

2. Prevent Furniture from Dog Scratches

You should trim the nails of your dog regularly. The dog nails are the culprit for scratches on your furniture. Often dog scratches their nails on the door to tell you that they want to go outside.

You can also cover some areas of your door with a Plexiglas sheet to prevent it from dog scratches. After that, you should look for an alternative method like a bell hanged over the doorknob. Teach your do to nudge the bell. Whenever he rings the bell, you should immediately open the door.

3. Pet Hair on Clothes & Upholstery

To remove the pet hair from your clothes, you should use a tape roller. You should add a ribbon on your handle and hang it over the doorknob so that it is easily available for use anytime.

To clean your furniture, you can use the backpack vacuum cleaner with hepa filter and with an attachment. Smoothly move the vacuum cleaner over the couches, bedding, and table to remove the pet dander.

4. Clean Pet Paws

You should keep a towel near to your main door so that whenever your dog enters your house after playing outside, you clean his paws with a towel. Also, keep a container full of water near to your entry door to clean the pet paws. As your dog to dip the paws in the container full of water. This simple step will prevent your floor from dirty paws marks.

5. Remove Stains Immediately

If you observe any pet stain inside your house, then you should immediately remove it before it becomes difficult for you to remove it. It is better for you to remove the stain as soon as possible.

The pet urine left for long on your carpet can permanently fade its color. If there is any solid residue, then remove it with a backpack vacuum cleaner. Use a white cloth to blot the fresh mark of stain.

After cleaning the solid residue, apply the dishwashing solution on the carpet and blot it with the clean towel. Make sure that the towel is damp with clean water. You should continue this process until you get a clean carpet.

6. Pup-Safe Upholstery

If you love to have pets in your house, then you should invest in furniture that repels pet dander and also resist tearing. The furniture that is made up of top-grain, semi-aniline leathers are scratch-proof.

These materials provide more protection and color consistency as well. If you want to have fabric furniture, then prefer microfiber for fabric look. You should not invest in that material that is loosely woven or thin. In the end, place an old towel where your pet loves to sit and relax.

7. Prevent Your Rugs & Carpets

You should regularly clean the rug with the best backpack vacuum for pet hair. After vacuum cleaning, you should take a rubber rake to remove the pet hair trapped in low pile carpeting. If you want to reduce the fur deposits, you can also use the de-shedding tool on the coat of your dog.

8. Get Puppy Place Mat

You may not want to regularly clean the food mess created by your pup. Therefore, you should get puppy placemats and place them in the bowl. There are different types of puppy mats available in the market. Some are available in animal print and they look charming. Moreover, they are easy to clean.

9. Regularly Groom Your Pet

The regular pet grooming will not just help you to keep your pet clean but also help in keeping your house free from pet dander. You should set a clear grooming schedule like shampoo twice a month. If you follow the regular grooming routine, then they will not shed their hair in your entire house.

Final words

The pet owners should put more efforts to keep their house clean and free from pet dander. Few steps will prevent your floor, furniture, carpet and upholstery from pet dander by regular cleaning and dog grooming.