A Guide To What Hair Loss Is and 4 Types of common Hair Loss

A Guide To What Hair Loss Is and 4 Types of common Hair Loss

Hair loss is a prevalent condition that is suffered by many people at some point in their lives.

Balding and hair thinning occur in both males and females due to various reasons like poor diet, some lethal illness like cancer, low protein, and vitamins, thyroid, depression, anxiety, or even because of the parent genes.

However, hair loss can be cured, and hairs can be brought back to life by some medication or by hair transplant surgeries like FUE hair transplant.

But, even if some medicines and surgeries can bring your hair back, you should try to change your lifestyle in the long run and keep your hair healthy by keeping them clean, combing them a lot, and eating right.

Reasons for Hair Thinning and Hair Loss:

There are so many reasons and types of hair losses that finding a specific purpose for one particular person is very difficult.

However, there are a few underlying reasons as to why most people suffer from hair loss (of course, if you have a particular condition then only a doctor can properly guide you regarding your hair loss reasons).

Most hair loss reason starts with an internal or external scalp or health condition.

Diet plays an essential role in your hair’s life, but it is not the only factor because a bad diet only affects hair if it is continuously taken for 40 days.

If you are eating a mixture of bad and good food, it won’t be such a problem. Diet is not a constant factor in hair loss.

It is possible that you lose hair because of genetic factors that are redefined and because of your aging process.

If a person is 75-80 years old and is suffering from hair loss, then it is natural and nothing to worry about.

On the other hand, it is also possible that 40-50 year old adults suffer from hair thinning.

The reason for this hair thinning can be the life as you know it; the up and downs of life, traumas, depression, emotional loss, sickness, pregnancies, hormonal changes, menopause, or even protein loss due to dieting.

Then, there are also severe illnesses like anaemia, cancers (chemo), thyroid, iron deficiencies, PCOs, syphilis, etc. But, with a hair transplant in Karachi, you can bring back your hair.

4 Types of common Hair Loss:

1. Patchy hair loss:

In this type of hair loss, there are different sized patches on the head where hair loss happens. The patches can be large or small. It can be cured by surgeries as the hair transplant cost is affordable.

2. Female pattern baldness:

women also suffer from pattern baldness, but their hair loss is more towards diffuse hair loss. However, unlike men, there is less chance that women suffer from frontal or crown hairline being lost.

Female pattern baldness occurs at the back of the scalp, and it takes years before it becomes evident to others.

In women, the pattern baldness can begin at a very early age of 20 years.

More women suffer from baldness than men because of PCOs, depression, pregnancies, blood and breast cancers, tightly braided or ponytails are also one of the biggest causes of women losing hair.

3. Diffuse hair loss

in this type of hair loss, the hair starts to thin and fall from all over the head. The whole scalp is affected, especially the middle parting line of the hair. Supplements and hair therapies can help in curing this problem.

4. Male pattern baldness:

Every man suffers from alopecia at some point even though they never went bald before. The pattern baldness is something is will happen, and you can’t stop it.

Parents also inherit pattern baldness. So, the force with which the baldness takes over your scalp depends on your family’s history. The use of Propecia and Minoxidil can help slow the pattern baldness.