A Step By Step Guide to Install Smart light Switches At Home


With the growing technology and arrival of various latest technology gadgets, most people prefer to transform their house into a smarter one. The smart lights are an excellent addition to your house.

For the installation of smart light, you also need to install smart switches. You can take help of a good electrician Central Coast in your area for installation of smart light switches. If you are a DIY lover, then we are going to describe how to install smart lights and switches in your home:

1. Prepare Your Budget

If you do not know the exact price of the installation of smart switches in your abode, then you will obviously go higher than the budget. Sometimes, you not more bulbs and other accessories for proper installation.

You have to purchase the accessories that help in forming the communication set up with other devices in the network like a smartphone.

While preparing your budget, you should include all the required accessories for a complete installation. Also, provide room for extra expenditure.

2. Purchase The Smart Lights

There are different types of smart lights available in the market. You can purchase one that you like the most. You should also invest in smart switches that allow you to switch ON/OFF your lights with the control options available in your app.

The biggest advantage of smart switches that they can work well with conventional lights. You can also take help of good electrician like Central Coast electrician. They will help you in providing the right information.

3. Take Out The Current Wiring

First of all, turn off the main power supply. When the main power supply is turned OFF, then you should expose the wires beneath the switchboard.

Then remove the wiring of the light switch and gently take it out. The perfect way to install a smart light switch is to make sure that there is enough space in the wall boxes for the new installation.

4. Find Out Neutral Wires

Usually, the neutral wires are white in color. But, why you need to find the neutral wire? It is so because the smart switches will be electronically operated. These new style switches will continuously communicate with the other devices for receiving signals.

3. Click Picture And Disconnect

For a record, you should click a picture of your old light switch wiring. This will help you in case you want to reverse the connections. If you want to make this work simple, then label each wire with colored electrical tape and paper.

Properly remove your old switch. Before starting new connections, you should save the number of emergency electrical service provider like Central Coast emergency electrician so that you can call him anytime for your help.

4. Make New Connections Precisely

After removing the old switches, you are ready to start the installation of new smart switches. There are four different ways to connect your new switch:

Pre-wired switches: You can make use of wire nuts to form an appropriate connection.

Side Wired: In this way, you will integrate the wire with their specified terminals and then tighten up the screws.

Back Wired: In this way, you will insert the wires from backward in the holes. Buy, this technique is limited to the 14a WG wires only.

Clamp Wiring: Again, in this technique, the wires are inserted inside from the backward direction in the terminal holes. After that, the terminal screw is tightened up.
According to the safety guidelines, you should connect the ground wire first and then move to the neutral wire, after that load and finally hot wire.

5. Start Testing Process

When you have connected all the wires, then you have to check the connection before packing everything. You should turn ON the main power supply and make sure everything is working properly.

If not, then you have to find the problems in the connections. You can immediately call an electrician in your area for your help who is ready to serve 24*7 like 24-hour electrician Central Coast.

If this smart switch is receiving the required power level, then you should turn off the main power again and finish the installation process.
Now, it is time to shove the electrical wires inside the box. But, be careful while doing this. Finally, fix the smart switch onto the wall box.

6. Connect Other Applications

This is the last and final step. In this step, you will connect the smart switches with the home network. You should install the required applications on your smartphone.

This application will help you to control these switches from distant locations from just your smartphone.
Once you have completed the app installation, then you have to sign-in to a wi-fi network to remotely control the operation of lights.