All You Need To Know About Life In East Village, Manhattan

All you need to know about life in East Village Manhattan

New York is a huge city. There are plenty of parts of New York and a lot of them are much different from the rest. Though that is not the case with East Village, we want to tell you more about life in East Village.

This is a very popular NYC neighbourhood and it is located in Manhattan. East Village is surrounded by these neighbourhoods: Lower East Side, Nolita, NoHo, and Stuyvesant Town-Peter Cooper Village.

If you didn’t know already where this neighbourhood is, this tells you that it has an amazing location in the city.

You are practically living in the centre of it all yet not too much to deal with the craziness of New York City every day when you live in East Village. This is why a lot of people, who are able to, are thinking about moving to East Village.

And if you are one of them, you came to the right place. New York is a city you have to be prepared for. You have to know what is surrounding you and how to get where you need to get the fastest way possible.

This is why we decided to write about life in East Village – to make settling into a new neighbourhood much easier for you.

Home prices in East Village

Before moving or even deciding to move to East Village, you have to know more about real estate and home prices in East Village.

And as this is Manhattan we are talking about, you are probably already aware of the fact that Manhattan is crazy-expensive when it comes to homes.

And it’s no different when it comes to East Village. If you wanted to purchase a home here, you would have to pay a lot of money. The average home price in East Village sits at around $870,000.

This is the average price, most of the homes cost even more than the price mentioned. So, if you are interested in buying a home, maybe buying a home in New Jersey would be a better idea as it is much cheaper.

This is why not a lot of people who live here actually purchase their homes. And even if they could afford to purchase a home in East Village, not a lot of them are for sale. This is because renting out a home in New York pays much more than if you were to sell it.

Besides, home prices in New York are rising every year. This is why people who own homes here don’t plan on selling them until the prices start to drop.

Because when they start dropping, the price is still going to be high but the interest is going to be much bigger. Therefore, it is going to be much easier to sell a home.

Rent vs buy?

What all this mentioned before means for you is that you will most likely be renting a home in East Village. And when it comes to renting in East Village, have in mind that it is very expensive too.

The median rent price in East Village is $3,500. This is higher than the New York median of $2,900. So, even though you are going to be renting an apartment, you will be paying a lot of money for it. So think twice when deciding whether to rent or buy a home.


As mentioned before, you have to know how to get where you need to get and whether you can get there from your neighbourhood with ease.

This is very important to have in mind when moving to New York City because traffic is always very busy and being late to work just isn’t an option.

The one rule that can be applied to the whole city of New York is that you don’t need a car as it is only going to cause you problems.

Having a car and living in New York just doesn’t make sense. Parking is expensive and you can rarely find a parking spot.

Driving through New York City is very stressful and it lasts a long time as there’s a lot of traffic everywhere all the time. This is why if moving you can always find a helping hand so you don’t end up stuck in traffic with your belongings in your car.

This is why most people who live in New York use alternative transportation options such as public transport, electric bikes, scooters, and more. But Subway is by far the most popular way to get where you need. New York is a very well-connected city.

And luckily, East Village is a part of New York where subway stations are numerous and where a lot of trains pass. This means that living here means getting fast to any part of New York if you are willing to ride the subway there.

Things to see and do

East Village is a fun neighbourhood to live in. And as it is in Manhattan, you can already count on the fact that this is where you will have everything you need and much more. Besides metro stations, you will easily find shops, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, laundry, bakeries, etc.

There are also places where you can have fun here both inside and outside. East Village sits by the river which means that you have where to take walks, have picnics, jog, or just enjoy your free time outside.

No neighbourhood would be complete without an amazing park which is just what East Village has. In the heart of East Village, you will find Tompkins Square Park.

There are also plenty of other smaller parks where most people with small children spend a lot of time in. You will love coming here even if you live in an apartment with a perfect rooftop garden.