Are You Preparing For Job Interview in 2022? Must Read 11 Tips

Are You Preparing For Job Interview in 2022? Must Read 11 Tips

Are You Preparing For Job Interview in 2020 Must Read 11 Tips

The job market is one such competitive world and the trends keep changing frequently. There are multiple candidates available for one single job.

You need to learn to act together, be extremely sharp and have a very positive attitude otherwise you won’t stand a chance against your competitor.

The interview process is full of surprises and unpredicted events. You might be preparing for some particular questions but the interviewer may never ask them.

There is no such way one can predict the outcome of an interview, let alone the process, but you can surely present yourself in a much better way if you follow some basic rules.

Here is a list of points one should keep in mind before appearing in an interview.

1. Research The Company

Do your research about the company once you have been selected for the interview. Learn as much as possible about their services, product, management team, competitor, and market.

Researching as much as about the employer gives you an edge to address them during the interview.

This is one of the best ways to become a great and unique candidate during the interview process. By wearing a spy hat and getting proper information about potential employers, you can prove yourself better than any other candidate. You should also be ascertained about the culture of the company.

2. Understand the roles and Responsibility of the Job

Roles and responsibilities are used to assess a new employee’s abilities to perform the task. This depends on your past skills and expertise. Before going to an interview it is necessary to have knowledge of roles and responsibilities in brief.

You can get information from the HR person handling the position. Later, during the interview, do not forget to take detailed information from the interviewee or the reporting manager as he/she has a better understanding of the work being allotted to you. This will help you understand your work functionalities more precisely.

3. Practice interview question

You may be a spontaneous person who loves straight questions, but an interview is really not all about being spontaneous. Sometimes you need to have a little understanding of what should be said that goes in favor of the employer.

Generally, during the non-technical question people, some candidate hesitates or stammering because it is related to their experience and expertise.

Hence such candidates are considered as non-prepared. Which further results in losing the trust of the employer. Hence it is really not a good idea to rely on instinct too much.

Also, prepare some questions in advance to ask the interviewer to show your enthusiasm for the job.

4. Look professional

What is the best outfit to wear while appearing for an interview? Should it be a business outfit, formal professional outfit, or some casual wear?

Your option depends upon the company, position, and work culture. Your clothes are going to make a big impression on the employer.

The first impression about your candidature will be based on your appearance, hence it’s always advisable to dress up accordingly.

Even if the company has a casual environment, make sure not to wear clothes that are flashy and have wrinkle Although it’s always advisable to wear a professional outfit.

5. Be on time

You can never predict the outcome nor can you control the circumstances and event going to occur while the whole process is happening, but you can earn some extra points in your favour just by showing up a little early on the venue.

Industry experts insist on being 15 minutes early in the interview venue. This shows your readiness for the interview. Arriving too early can put pressure on the interviewer as this thought can occur in their mind “Now they will have to entertain you till the interview can begin.”

You can utilize this 15-minute duration by fulfilling a check-in document or fixing your appearance. In case you are running late, make sure to inform the interviewer or the contact person in advance.

6. Show enthusiasm

Greet the receptionist politely asking her “how her day is going”? Ask for the contact person and wait politely in the reception area. Once the contact person arrives, stand up from your sheet and do a firm handshake.

Make sure you have a bright smile and plenty of eye contact to demonstrate the enthusiasm. While having a conversation speak distinctly in a confident voice, keeping your pitch clear.

7. Answer questions with an example

One of the key points to crack the interview is answering the question with an elicit example. Whenever a question is asked the interviewer wants to know how your answer is going to add value for the progress of the company? Is your answer related to the company culture and work progress?

A simple yes or no can not suffice. If you add an example with the answer this is the perfect way to showcase your capabilities. If you can’t add any example, then this is the best opportunity to add value. You can state how you will solve the problem to show your eagerness in the job.

8. Listen

The interviewer never says much during the interview, they are more interested in what you can bring on the table. Listening is one of the most neglected skills in an interview and you can not have a constructive discussion with the interviewer if you keep interfering while he talks.

To know the perception of the interviewer It’s also important to pay attention to each and every word. Sometimes what is not being asked to you may be more important as what is being asked.

9. Maintain a Professional Demeanor

No matter how bad, self-centric your last boss was or how the company was not conducting its policies properly. Never whine about this to your potential employer. This can make the interviewer very uncomfortable and they assume you as a denigrator.

Also never talk about the personal problem as they are not interested in your personal life. Never cross the boundary of professional line, this will blow your chances to succeed in the interview.

10. Ask questions

While appearing for the interview it’s advisable to prepare a few questions to ask your potential employer. This helps to convey your interest and enthusiasm for the job.

This will also help you to understand the culture and functionalities of the company. You can decide if you would want to devote your time and energy to this organization and such roles and responsibilities.

11. Follow up

It’s very important to follow up after the interview. Multiple candidates apply for the same job and sometimes the employers are stuck with thoughts like “Which candidate should be selected”.

Following up over the email or phone is more of a chance to win the trust of the employer. This helps them to believe that you really care about the job and you can really bring some positive traits.

Job Interview tips 2020

A job interview is comprised of a number of common questions. Some of them as behavioural interview questions.

Problem-solving questions commonly ask for the hiring manager position. First of all, we should carefully read the job description.

Some of the hiring companies also want to know the previous employer detail. The interviewing guide helps you to know major interview questions and answers.

It is recommended to optimize your Linkedin profile. The most typically asked question about your greatest weakness and greatest strength. Some times the interviewer asks about your long term/answer behavioural.

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