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Backlinks Vs Link Building |Website Analysis & SEO Checker Tool

Backlinks Vs Link Building |Website Analysis & SEO Checker Tool

Quite often, I see people are getting confused with the SEO terms Link Building and Backlinking. So, I thought of writing this post.

Backlink – it is your website’s links on other websites. For example, millions of websites have backlinks on Wikipedia.

Linkbuilding – it is a process of acquiring backlinks for your sites on different websites. You perform link building activity as a part of your SEO process, and you create backlinks.

I am listing some websites which can be used to build backlinks quickly. Pay attention to Unhides. This can be a game-changer tool for your link building strategy.


This is a great free tool to start with. The best part of this tool is that you don’t need to log in or sign up anywhere.

All you need is your website URL. I like their status bar, which clearly shows you the status of your backlinking activity status.

Just to test, I randomly check some of the links that this tool creates. I was a bit surprised and disappointed as well because many of those links did not work. But it is a free tool so don’t expect much out of it.


If you are just starting your link building activity, this is another useful tool, to begin with; you can expect some good quality backlinks from this. They generally generate 15-20 links, and their success rate is 80 90%. I would recommend this.

3. Prepostseo 

Another useful tool for beginners. The best part of this tool is it gives you 40-50 backlinks, but most of them are on WHOIS websites. It’s easy to use interface does not require any technical know-how.

As soon as you hit the button, you see a nice-looking status table which tells you if they can make a backlink for you.

4. Smallseotools

This is an average tool; they give you some backlinks, but the quality isn’t that good. In fact, most of the links it says it has created but does not work. Again, as this is a free tool, don’t expect much out of it.

5. Unhides

I have noticed this is a new tool, but their offering is excellent. This is not a fully automated link-building tool; however, it gives you a database of websites as per your niche which accepts links.

Easy to use interface, informative data can help you with planning your link building activity. I like the way they are presenting their data to the customers.

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