Benefits of hiring VIP transportation services for special Events

Hire VIP Transportation Services for Special Events - Client Review

Call for an event means a time to make memories and build positive vibes along with the entertainment.

So, the event must be planned completely from choosing a dress to the time to take off the makeup.

Every step planned means the event is going to rock! Planning everything also means to think about the safe routes and the safety vehicle to travel to reach the destination.

Think of travel in the local cab with fancy dress and high heels, punctured at the centre of the road.

What will you do? How will you reach the party? Of course, you have no choice rather than waiting on the roadside, spoiling the mood, and answering calls to make lame excuses for being late.

Isn’t it better to book a service that will make your day as you have planned? I know your answer. So, it’s important to add event transportation to your event to-do list. It’s better to select a limo service for every special event.

Why chooses limo? 

When it comes to special event transportation, the priority is always a Limo. Why limo? Because limo leads to several untold benefits that instead of reading you can feel more when riding a limo. However, there are certain benefits to a limo service.

1. Safety

Safety is the first while hiring any professional service. Hiring a limo means you are hiring well trained, professional, and experienced drivers. Safety is important especially travelling to an unknown place or city.

2. Comfortable

If you have to travel 1000 miles, it’s recommended to select comfortable seats. Luxury transports are manufactured by keeping in mind the comfortableness of the riders.

Besides this, a limo can be booked according to your comfort like if you are 8 persons you can book an 8-10 seated limo service

3. Convenience:

People use to hire luxury transport when travelling to areas where there is limited parking. So, they hire a limo to attend business trips or meetings without any hassle.

4. Cost-effective

This a Shocking benefit! Luxury transport is cost-effective?

Yes, it is. Because in business time is money and luxury transport cares for your time.

You pay the amount for the vehicle you are renting, but they will facilitate you with loyal services like entertainment, music, drinks, comfortableness, friendly drivers, and a smooth drive throughout the travel.

Limos provide cost estimates depending on the booking time period as the rates vary between a single hour to a full day booking. Such services do not charge hidden charges as well and have fixed rates.

5. Vehicle guarantee: 

Before riding, such service providers provide vehicle guarantees such that the vehicle is fully maintained and the rider will have no difficulty during the travel.

6. Luxury impression: 

Arriving at an event in a limo and the driver is opening the door for you will be just like a scene from a romance movie. Limo style and structure adds a more professional and VIP look to the rider.

What are the makes and models of the limo?

Yes! you should know these facts before investing in a limo. The limo comes in many different models manufactured by the top manufacturers of the world.

The makes and models of the limo have left behind the many other VIP modes of transport like SUVs, luxury vans, or cars. All the limo models are designed by the world’s top companies.

Have you ever thought of buying a new limo?

Maybe you can buy a limo but first, know the cost of buying a limo as a personal vehicle. A new limousine costs roughly $90,000 depending on the model and manufacturer’s options.

Just like other vehicles, a limousine loses most of its WOW feeling in approximately 4-5 years. Besides the actual costs, the maintenance, repairing, and spare parts cost highly charge at regular intervals.

So, for routine life usage, it’s not recommended to buy your own limo. It is a better option to hire a limo service for special events only and enjoy the ride.

How much it costs to rent a limo?

As it’s the best option for special occasions, the limo costs depend highly on the number of passengers and type of the limo.

Different companies have different price estimates. The rough estimate of price is

  • A luxury sedan (3-4 passengers) costs per hour $40-$7o
  • Small limo (6-8 passengers) costs per hour $60-$80
  • Large limo (9-12 passengers) costs per hour $75-$130
  • Stretch limo (up to 20 passengers) costs per hour $100-$250
  • Stretch humor (up to 20 passengers) costs per hour $100-$300

When you can book limo service?

Luxury transports are always busy in providing customers with services. It’s better to book a limo 1-2 days before the event day or at least 3-4 hours before the pickup time. Advance booking helps in getting the deal done with the services and time management.

Summing up!

Hiring a limo will let you stand out of the crowd and be on time with a long comfortable drive. Enjoy the limo drive with exceptional services like a red carpet, drinks, hygienic food, decorations, etc.

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