Best Approaches To Marketing Your Martial Arts School

Best Approaches To Marketing Your Martial Arts School

When it comes to running a martial arts school, teaching effectively is as important as marketing correctly.

With martial arts picking up a lot of momentum in recent years, it has become harder than before to differentiate yourself from competitors, and thereby, acquire students.

A study revealed that in 2019, the net worth of the martial arts industry in the US alone totaled a whopping $5 billion! Furthermore, experts expect the industry to grow even further with over 3.6 million people actively practicing martial arts thanks to more than 80,000 martial arts schools.

So when the competition gets so cut-throat, how do you manage to stay alive? Marketing your martial arts school, the right way will help you find customers and will help potential customers find you.

So, how do you market your martial art school effectively? Here are some quick strategies to make sure your martial arts school stays relevant and popular.


This is a great way to announce the arrival of your martial arts school in your locality. Head on over to a school, college or gym and talk to the owners about hosting a free demonstration.

Unlike other methods that try to bring customers to you, this method effectively allows you to take your studio to them! It is a great proactive marketing strategy that helps build some interest regarding your martial art school, helping you gain some early recognition.

Showcase the benefits of joining your school and highlight the overall benefits of martial arts. This is also a great way to connect with the older crowd that isn’t on social media.

Community Classes

Offering community and family classes serve as a great marketing strategy that tends to get you more customers to your school. You can promote such events as quality family time experiences, helping to bond and re-connect with your family.

This also provides parents with a great, fun and physically active way of bonding with their children. The best way to market such an idea would be at school. Try to convince a PT teacher regarding the importance of such sessions and have them put the idea forward to the parents.

Position these classes as a social event, and follow them up as a secondary service right after your demonstration to convert leads into paying customers.

Referral Programs

When it comes to businesses such as martial art schools, the best way to gain some great publicity is by word of mouth. Having someone you know to tell you that they love their karate class, makes you curious regarding the class.

Therefore, businesses need to encourage their customers to talk about their class and spread awareness regarding it. Studies show that over 74% choose a class from martial arts school listings based on word of mouth advice.

Try offering a referral program to make your students your brand ambassadors, which serves as basically free advertising for your business.

A great way to capture the attention of a student group or locality is to sponsor one of the local teams or events. This gets the localities talking about your martial arts school and, therefore, helps you build some brand identity.

Also, consumers seem to enjoy brands that do more than just sell their products and services. More and more brands are now starting to do such sponsorship, endorsements, and donations in a bid to improve their brand value.

By promoting and sponsoring a small local event, you get to have your name around town, while also building goodwill. Not only does this help you contribute to the community that you depend on, but it also helps in forming a more personal relationship with your clients.


Now, this might not be the easiest thing to pull off, especially if you are in your beginning stages, but it is one that helps a lot. Holding a tournament for the local students will help you build a name for your dojo.

It serves as a great form of advertising, while also showcasing the talent of your students and staff. Furthermore, you will interact a lot with the local community while trying to host the tournament.

For instance, you will need to enter into partnerships with local businesses for providing the prizes at your tournament. This, in turn, helps you foster a good relationship with several businesses and people in the vicinity, helping you become an organic part of the community.

Also, it is a great opportunity for your students by helping them engage and interact with other students.

Go Social

More than 85% of teenagers and young adults in cities are on social media. This means that the best way to garner attention is to go social and have effective online marketing campaigns for your martial arts school.

Keep investing in good digital marketing campaigns to utilize and make the best of social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

Create videos showing off your dojo’s facilities, and also to give potential customers an idea about how a routine lesson goes. Spread posters regarding your class timings, and the various courses and programs you offer.

Every time you host an event, make sure you make it trending on social media to get the message across to as many people as possible. Conduct interviews with fitness experts, dietitians, and renowned martial artists and post them on your social media handles.

Better yet, allow customers to add martial art school listing on your websites, have your students post small testimonial videos to improve your brand value and credibility.