Best Food to Eat during Teeth Alignment Treatment

Best Food to Eat during Teeth Alignment Treatment

The technology has improved, and teeth alignment treatment became easier for people. Now there are many website offering online teeth alignments at a discounted prices.

Although the clear aligners may solve many problems that people encountered with the braces. One of them was eating food. There were too many restrictions when the braces were on.

Well, this is not a problem now. You can eat whatever you want with the clear aligners. You just have to remove the aligner before eating.

The clear aligners are doing great to give people a perfect smile and boost their confidence in their smile.

However, there is no restriction but a suggestion to eat some food that can work best for your teeth while getting an aligner treatment.

Let’s go through them and make sure to eat them to strengthen your teeth or somehow fasten your alignment process.  

Dairy products

Add dairy products to your diet. Yogurt and cheese are great in calcium and protein levels. In addition, studies show that cheese increases the production of saliva in your mouth, which can protect your teeth much more from bacteria.

However, while it also raises the Ph level of your mouth, that is not good for the bacteria responsible for tooth decay. While on the other hand, yogurt increase the level of protective bacteria in your mouth.


Apples are a great source of fiber and natural water. Biting an apple can help your gums to be healthy. It also causes the production of saliva. Some of the studies show that biting an apple can also be an excellent way to remove plaque because of the texture apple has.

Leafy greens

Green is always healthy, no doubt. The green leaves (especially spinach and kales) are packed with minerals and vitamins that your body needs to keep the bones healthy. And your teeth are bones. They are also very high in calcium. Calcium actually helps to build the enamel. So you can add green leaves to your salad and make smoothies out of them.


Onions have antibacterial properties that can kill the bacteria that are producing in your mouth. Add the onion to your regular meals that can help you to avoid cavities, gum bleeding, and other gum diseases. The onions might make your mouth smelly, but the health benefits are high.


While wearing aligners all the time, your teeth might feel dry. Cucumbers are great to resolve this problem. They have high water content. It can hydrate the mouth when you eat them. You can use them as an alternative to snacks like crunchy chips etc.


Almonds are the alternative for the one who doesn’t want to eat dairy products. They also have a good amount of protein and no lactose and no fat. In addition, it can help your teeth to prevent plaque and other problems.


These are some of the food that you can add to your diet to strengthen your teeth. Sometimes the aligner treatment causes the teeth to be weak so eat food that can help them be strong and bacteria-free. Even if you are not on a treatment eating healthy foods for your teeth.

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