Bonavita 1901PW Brand New Coffee Maker – Honest Reviews

Bonavita 1901PW Brand New Coffee Maker – Honest Reviews

It makes your whole day worth, gets you up and energetic for the whole day, yes I am talking about your beloved coffee.

Especially, Bonavita special Coffee. If you are seeking for a machine for the flavor extraction at it’s best? Bonavita BV 1901PW is the brand new coffee maker in the product range of Bonavita Coffee Maker.

This coffee maker promises a cup that tastes like professionalism. In this piece, I am going to describe and provide a review of the latest Bonavita BV 1901PW Coffee Maker.

Bonavita 1901 PW Product Description

The 8-Cup One-touch Glass Carafe Coffee Brewer is the latest product on the range from Bonavita. It has been independently tested to make coffee of the highest class.

You can expect a Golden Cup Standard coffee while following the brewing instructions that come with the product.

If it is a party, you can count on our very new Bonavita 1901PW. The coffee brewer makes an 8-Cup batch in about 6-minutes. The machine is powerful and precise. 1500 watt heater maintains an optimal brewing temperature between 198 – 205 Degree Fahrenheit.

Coffee brewing at a temperature range of 198 – 205 degrees gives a sweet fruity aroma and is so flavorful that one cannot deny the cup in front.

Special Features

The brewer comes with an optional pre-infusion mode that mimics the artisan pour-over brewing method by pausing the water flow giving the coffee grounds time to bloom.

In easier terminology, the water is re-instated with the coffee. The pre-infusion mode allows the coffee to soak in and bloom to its fullest. Thus, enhancing its taste and aroma.

Its showerhead design facilitates even saturation of coffee grounds. The brewer dings right off when the brewing cycle ends and notifies you that your haughty coffee is ready for you.

Outstanding Characteristics

Flat bottom filter basket works in partnership with the showerhead to provide uniform flavor extraction. There is a non-stick warming plate that shuts off after 40 minutes of operation.

While the coffee is in the carafe the lower wattage warming plate keeps the coffee at ideal 176 – 185-degree Fahrenheit. The standards are maintained as standardized by the Speciality Coffee Association (SCA).

The whole machine is dishwasher safe and BPA free Carafe, lid, filter basket, and the showerhead. The machine stands tall at 12.2 inches in height, 6.8 inches in width and 12.6 inches long.

Pros & Cons of This Amazing Coffee Maker

Every machine in the market has got some significant pros and cons for their working and modeling. If a product claims to be without any problem or and cons, understand they are not being used to their fullest and are not tested for difficult situations.

So we conducted our series of physical, chemical, and usage tests to finalize the pros and cons of Bonavita 1901PW Coffee Maker.


  1. It uses similar technology to the BV 1900TS that has an SCAA award for meeting the above 195 – 205 degrees Fahrenheit. We could verify the claims made by the brand.
  2. It is the cheapest of all the brewers that use the technology and have earned the SCAA Award.
  3. The brew basket is separate from the carafe making it easy to clean and keep.
  4. The carafe has a simple design, thus easy to pour coffee.
  5. Allows the coffee to bloom properly thus gives enhanced taste and aroma.
  6. In-built alarm system to ding once the coffee is done.


The glass carafe and the warmer only keeps the coffee hot for 40 minutes. We would appreciate a longer standing time for the coffee.
There is no digital clock, user-set automatic brew times, etc.

User Reviews:

Well, I promised you that I will bring in honest reviews not only from the staff members but from the actual daily users too. The reviews a little mixed. Our users were among working morning shifts residents to stay at home moms. The Bonavita Coffee Maker Reviews with complete honesty was as follows:


Five stars because I love my coffee and great value! I can sometimes drink my coffee now without cream or sugar.

Couple of minor things others might find important. I did change coffees as what I had been using tastes more acidic with the Bonavita tho it tasted better than my old maker. Second, the carafe feels very delicate so if you tend to throw it around it will break. Just be careful, it is Pyrex 🙂

Third, it beeps twice to let you know it is finished brewing. It is not very loud and the two beeps are quick so you can miss it from another room. Fourth, it stays on for only 40 minutes while the cheap makers are 1-2 hours.

I count that as a positive as it doesn’t over-cook the coffee.
The small quirks I might take off a quarter-star but I love my coffee now and an equal quality maker w/o the quirks would run double, I will stick with five stars.

Tommy from NYC:

The main purpose of drip Coffee Machine, “Heat water to 195-205 degrees for over 90% of the brew”. No coffee maker below 100 dollars can do that…. except for this.

This is the cheapest you’ll find. No fancy design, no digital clock, no temperature control of heat plate, no anti-drip system to pause the mid-brew to sneak in a cup, no timer, no 1-4cup brew or bold brew.

It is a basic coffee maker that does the job which is, “BREW A FINE POT OF COFFEE”. This Coffee brewer recommends a minimum of 6 cup brew to max 8 cup brew (they measure by 5oz per cup), therefore its only 30oz-40oz brew.

The total time of brew is about 6 minutes. The machine stays on for a total of 40 min (so about 34 min of hot coffee)