Convert MBOX to PDF with Attachments [Free/Professional]

Convert MBOX to PDF with Attachments [FreeProfessional]

“I have a number of MBOX files that were associated with Mozilla Thunderbird. From those files, some MBOX has important evidence.

I need to create PDF files for these MBOX files, so I can present them in court. Thus, I need a solution that can change the format of these emails in MBOX files. How can I convert MBOX to PDF with attachments?”

Methods to convert MBOX to PDF files

The above query is just one among hundreds found on the internet forums showcasing the need and requirements of many genuine users out there.

While some only require the emails as PDF documents, others need to have the attachments intact as well.

After going through a bunch of similar queries, I have decided to write an article on how to convert MBOX files with or without attachments. You can choose your preferred method and carry out conversion easily.

Free method to export MBOX to PDF [Attachments Not Supported]

If you only require to print a bunch of MBOX emails into PDF format, you can do this easily using the add-on capabilities of Mozilla Thunderbird.

Do note that this method will not export your attachments along with the email messages. Once you have the MBOX file in Mozilla Thunderbird, follow the given steps:

  1. Copy and paste this link in your browser window:
  2. Now, click on the Download Now button. It will save an xpi file on your system.
  3. Start Mozilla Thunderbird and go to Tool >> Add-ons option.
  4. In the Add-ons Manager window, click on the little gear icon at the top and select Install Add-on from file… option.
  5. Now browse and select the xpi file that you downloaded earlier. Restart Thunderbird.

The process up until now is to install the ImportExporttools add-on in Thunderbird. If you already have it installed, you can skip this part and directly follow the steps below.

Now, do either of the following:

  • Select the emails that you wish to convert to PDF. Then, right-click on any of the chosen emails and click on Save selected messages >> PDF format.
  • Select the mailbox folder that contains emails you wish to convert to PDF. Right-click and select ImportExportTools >> Export all messages in the folder >> PDF Format.

This will trigger the conversion of MBOX file to PDF for free. Once all the emails are successfully converted, you can view the PDF files in Adobe Reader or any other PDF reader tools.

How to convert MBOX to PDF with attachments [Professional]

This method is of high importance to those who not only require to save attachments embedded into the PDF files but also work with orphan MBOX files not associated with Thunderbird.

In order to resolve the query of how to convert MBOX to PDF with attachments, the best possible solution is to use SysTools MBOX Migrator. This tool not only converts Thunderbird emails to PDF but also support the MBOX files of all origins including Entourage, Apple Mail, Eudora, Gmail, etc.

With advanced features and functionalities, this software has become The Choice for all MBOX users. It comes from a brand that is proudly among the top brands in the email conversion arena.

The interface of the tool:

The long list of features this tool encompasses are as follows:

  • Option to add MBOX file or a folder containing the MBOX files along with subdirectories.
  • Previewing the data on the software’s interface with all attributes intact.
  • Embeds attachment in the associated PDF documents.
  • You can also select only your required emails and convert them to PDF.
  • Set Naming conventions to save PDF files as per one’s naming choice.
  • Advanced options such as the ability to set page margins, page orientation, page size, and include header data.

Can you also save MBOX emails on Mac OS?

Yes, of course, you can save emails from MBOX to PDF on the Mac OS. The software is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems.

The Mac MBOX Migrator, similar to Windows, can add multiple MBOX files at once. It also provides data filters and naming convention to carry out the conversion process.

More similarities between the two variants are the advanced settings option that allows you to customize the process to your liking.

Some advanced options are page margins, page size, page orientation, bates number, date stamps, the inclusion of headers, etc.

The interface of Mac tool:


PDF is the one and only file format that is truly independent of the operating system.

It is used for documentation, exchanging information, and even legal purposes as it is platform-independent with no additional expenses. Sometimes, it becomes necessary to save emails in PDF format.

Therefore, in this write-up, we take a look at the best possible solutions to convert MBOX to PDF with or without attachments. You may choose the method that is the most suitable for you.

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