Creating A Scandanavian Inspired Living Space

Creating A Scandanavian Inspired Living Space

Modern Scandinavian living spaces are becoming increasingly popular due to their refreshing, bright and airy appearance.

If you want to bring a new lease of life into your living area, keep things simple and stunning with some Scandinavian inspiration. 

Neutral Colour Palette

The first thing you need to know about Scandinavian style is that you will need a largely neutral colour palette.

Any garish colours or patterns simply don’t fit into Scandinavian style, so select a neutral shade and work with it.

This definitely does not have to be boring, as wall prints are very popular in Scandinavia, so you can bring life to the space with your wall art.

The idea of the neutral colours is to bring light to every room and make it an open, relaxing space even through the dark winter months. 

Soft Textures 

When it comes to Scandinavian style, any heavy or garish textures simply aren’t seen. Woven throw cushions and woolen throws help to create a soft finish to the room without overwhelming the space.

Nordic sheepskin rugs are extremely common in Scandinavian homes, as they bring a sense of warmth and also luxury to any space.

If you prefer to have a little something extra, follow the rules when it comes to soft textures but add hints of colour through soft checkered or striped patterns. Try white woolen throw cushions that have a subtle nude check pattern, or perhaps a striped chunky knit throw. 

Warm Wooden Furniture

Scandinavian interior design is heavily influenced by natural materials, mainly wood. With an otherwise largely neutral colour scheme, light wooden furniture brings in a much-needed sense of warmth and texture to break up the rest of the room.

Whilst you might want to stick with a soft textured designer sofa that keeps in with your neutral colour palette, introduce a wooden coffee table, dining table or kitchen stool to really tie the entire look together.

Don’t go for anything too dark, sticking to a light oak finish would be perfect. Flooring in Scandinavian homes is largely wooden, so you could use that as inspiration to bring a bit more warmth to the space. 

Add Greenery 

Over the winter, Scandinavian countries experience very little sunlight, depending on the location. So, it is common to have plenty of houseplants around to help purify the air and bring life to any room.

Try having hanging ivy over a windowsill or tall snake plants in the corner of the room.

One of the most important components of Scandinavian style is to ensure that there is no clutter, so make sure you arrange your plants around the room in a way that compliments the other furnishings.

Simple Decoration 

Scandinavian style is wonderfully simple. It usually focuses on simple furnishings that allow a space to be functional and beautiful at the same time.

Don’t go overboard with too many throw cushions, lots of photo frames or trinkets. Pick out your colour palette, select a few striking pieces and then let the room do the talking.

When you step into a room that has been styled using Scandinavian inspiration, you should feel serene and relaxed, not overwhelmed by unnecessary decoration. 

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