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Different Modern Coffee Table Materials and Their Perks

Different Modern Coffee Table Materials and Their Perks

A living room with a contemporary design can look better with a modern coffee table. This low piece of furniture looks perfect right next to the sofa. It is commonly placed in front of a sofa, making it the focal point of the area.

Despite the name, a coffee table exuding a modern look can support many things than just a cup of coffee. It is also a place on which you can set various drinks, magazines, books, small decorative items, and remote controllers.

Other than being functional, a coffee table can also help reduce clutter in the living room. This is true for something that has drawers or shelves. You may also come across one with a hinged top that reveals a storage room.

When shopping for a coffee table for your living room, you need to consider different factors. One of the most important of them is the material used. Some of the materials that you may choose from include:


One of the nicest things about a wood coffee table is that it has a timeless look. It can look perfect in a living room, whether it has a traditional or contemporary design. A modern wood coffee table tends to come with clean and simple lines.

A coffee table can be out of various wood types. Oak is undeniably one of the favourites of many homeowners. That’s because its grain pattern can add a dash of personality to the living room. It is also possible to stain oak in an assortment of colours.

2. Glass

You only need to take one look to know that a glass coffee table exudes a modern look. It is perfect for today’s busy homeowner to maintain it. Glass can also help protect the underlying wooden surface, allowing it to last for a long time.

Going for a glass coffee table is a good idea if you have a small living room. This piece of furniture can help give the illusion that it is bigger. Since glass is reflective, the coffee table can also make it seem like the area is brighter.

3. Metal

It’s quite common to see a metal coffee table in a modern living room. It can add an industrial feel to the area. Additionally, it is possible to paint metal in a variety of colors. Creating a more cohesive living room design can be easier because of this.

You may come across a modern coffee table that combines metal with another material. If you want to give your living room a warmer look, go for a coffee table that is a combination of metal and wood you like.

4. Marble

A coffee table with a marble top can look classy and elegant. It can also appear modern. This is true when combined with contemporary design elements. Because there are different types of marble, you can enjoy a living room that suits your taste.

Marble is a durable all-natural material. This is why a coffee table with a marble top is ideal outside the home. Marble is also easy to clean and maintain, thus making it perfect for a busy homeowner of today.

In Conclusion

Don’t just choose a coffee table according to its design. You should also consider the material to come up with the living room of your dreams.

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