Easy Ways to Retrieve Files Deleted by Bitdefender on Windows

Easy Ways to Retrieve Files Deleted by Bitdefender on Windows

Bitdefender removed files before demanding permission. Can information erased by Bitdefender be acquired? How can Bitdefender prevent an attacker from wiping out files? You may now access this BLR Tool page for detailed information here.

Bitdefender Deleted Files Without Inquiring

Designed as a lightweight antivirus tool, the company bitdefender offers complete threat prevention, detection, and response procedures. 

Your Windows device will be entirely virus or malware free using this antivirus program.

Recovering Bitdefender Deleted Files: How-to

We will teach you how to recover files lost by Bitdefender from the Bitdefender quarantine folder position as well as through dependable and free file recovery tools in sections to come.

Way 1: View the Bitdefender Quarantined Items Folder here

Usually, Bitdefender or other antivirus programs run constant checking of your computer files and applications, matching the file information with the virus database. 

In accordance with the degree and kind of threat it detects, it will quarantine or delete the file or program. Bitdefender will shift threatening information to the Imprisoned Items folder.

You are able to determine whether your files are saved in the Quarantined Items folder should you realize that the Bitdefender program has removed them.

  1. Open Bitdefender first by clicking twice on its desktop shortcuts or a different approach.
  2. Click Open under the Antivirus section after first clicking the Prevention tab from the left menu bar. Proceed then to the Settings tab and select Control quarantine.
  3. Third, using file name, threat name, and original position as guides, see whether the necessary files exist. If so, choose them and select the Restore option. Once you have done that, you can return to the original site and examine every restored file.

Way 2:- Use BLR Data Recovery Tool

Is it possible to retrieve your deleted files even if Bitdefender cannot restore quarantined files? Fortunately, there are several safe data recovery companies available on the market to enable erased file recovery. 

Among them, we advise you to apply the BLR Data Recovery Tool.

Incorporating complete data recovery features, BLR Data Recovery Software lets you scan your hard disk and freely recover 1 GB of contents. 

It's easy to understand and controls also help to speed and ease data recovery from devices. You could download and install it right now and try it.

  1. Starting BLR Data Recovery Software program. Click the Scan button on its main page choosing the storage device or place where the erased files were previously kept.
  2. Preview the files and guarantee they are wanted following scanning. Using the Filter and Search tools during this procedure will help you to search, find a specific item and weed out pointless files.
  3. Tick all necessary items at last and press Save. Decide where in the new window you ought to preserve it. To prevent data deleting, never save the recovered files exactly where they came from. It is advised to save them on still another disk.

Final Thoughts

This tutorial primarily guides you through recovering Bitdefender deleted files from the Quarantined Items subfolder or with BLR Data Recovery

Furthermore crucial is excluding bitdefender antivirus scan from safe files or directories.

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