Eco-friendly Christmas Decorations for Your Montevallo Home

Eco-friendly Christmas Decorations for Your Montevallo Home

You have fully embraced the green lifestyle. All choices you make are conscious and focused on keeping our planet pure and clean. And now without even noticing it is your favourite time of the year.

Christmas is right around the corner. If you are new to the eco-friendly game, you might be disappointed because your old decorations aren’t cutting it anymore.

However, there are plenty of eco-friendly Christmas decorations that will help you turn your Montevallo home into a holiday dream. Make sure to have a rolling bag for Christmas tree storage in order to keep your artificial tree for years.

Eco-friendly Christmas decoration that every holiday lover must try
Not so long ago Park Moving dropped you off at your new Alabama home.

This is the perfect time to set the tone for the rest of the year. Start your new living chapter with a cheerful tone in your home and some of our favourite environmentally friendly decorations.

Christmas ornaments made of recycled paper

You can easily find help in the area, that will help you declutter. Get it done first because this idea will take up a lot of space, but it will be well worth it. All you need are old pages from a book, a stapler, a finishing line, and a hole puncher.

Once you have everything that you need it is time to get creative. The large your decorations are the better. Your new Montevallo neighbours will envy your green decorating skills.

Wreath made up from old greeting cards

It is time to put that old box filled with greeting cards to good use. Instead of waiting for Black Friday deals to purchase a wreath, make one on your own.

It is the perfect time to combine your creativity with your green lifestyle. For this idea, you will need a foam wreath, toothpicks, a hot glue gun, scissors, and of course lots of old greeting cards.

Snowflakes made of recycled paper

If you decided to make paper ornaments, this will be the perfect continuation of your project. Use old paper and style it however you like. Snowflakes can have whatever shape you like, and they are the perfect project to do together with your kiddos.

Once you are done you can hang them on the sealing or glue them wherever you like. Eco-friendly snowflakes will be the perfect holiday addition to your green home.

Keep going green!

If you haven’t been living in an environmentally friendly way, this is the perfect time to start. You can jump-start your new way of life with eco-friendly Christmas decorations.

Also, be aware that decorations aren’t the only thing you should pay attention to during the holidays if you want to keep the green living going. Think about your purchases.

Buy only what you really need and focus on products that are considered ecologically responsible. Don’t wait for your New Year resolution to go green. Start right now! Happy Holidays!

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