Event Technology: 6 Standout Technology To Explore in 2020

Event Technology 6 Standout Technology To Explore in 2020

Well, to be part of the event industry in 2020, you need to be ever-growing and rapidly evolving by equipping yourself with new methods and technology to make your event come alive.

But woefully, that’s easier said than done in the ever-evolving technology that has zero constant.

To Accomplish, you need to see through the crystal ball, all the aspirations, and desires of the attendees. To do so you need to adapt yourself to new technology.

Here’s a list of 6 standout technology in the event industry that you can go through:

#1-Social Wall

The social wall for events is a technology-empowered digital solution to engage the maximum number of attendees in an aesthetic way by aggregating social media content from various platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and many more to give you a real-time unlimited flow of user-generated content.

Some of the distinctive features of the social walls that are creating buzz all over the event industry are:

1.1.Community & Social Proof:

Social Media walls display the real-time user-generated content that helps you to build Social Proof & trust in the community.

As real-time positive user-generated content is an authentic source of information and when somebody posts about your event, they create a social proof of the fact that they enjoyed it and eventually act as your brand ambassadors.

1.2.Digital Display:

Projector, Big Display or even a small tv screen, you call it, social media walls are compatible with all. Thus, it gives you a wide range of options to display information while playing with the overall ambiance of the event.

1.3.Real-Time Communication:

Celebrity or well-known personality could be connected in real-time with the social walls adding a bit of luxury and charm to an event.

#2-Cashless Solutions

Getting your events equipped with a cashless solution would not only allow you to efficiently manage your funds alongside saving on costs & reducing the risk of handling cash but also keep you updated about the real-time sales insights.

However, there are plenty of other benefits one can get by switching to cashless, some of them are:

2.1.Fast Transaction:

According to a study by American Express, cashless payments are 63% faster than regular cash payments and 53% faster than normal debit/credit card payments.

2.2.More Generation Of Revenue:

Reports show that the places with the cashless system in place tend to see 30% more spending by the attendee.

2.3.Better Overall Experience:

In events, there is no secret that we all crave to purchase without having to wait for ages, or getting worried about change.

#3-Event Apps

All types of events whether social, business or any other, apps help attendees to track event info, schedule, provide speaker information and also proffering them with networking opportunities.

Consumer events are getting smarter with each passing day, empowering attendees to access their events on the go and create custom lineups.

Developers are now focusing on integrating new and improved tech including AI and VR within the event app to give attendees a whole new experience.

#4-AI Powered Events

AI is the future of technology and plays an important role by improving the cognitive capabilities of the current architecture, two of many preferred AI technologies used in the event industry are:


Automated chatbots help both attendees and event organizers to get answers quickly without even involving staff.

Sound Fest a three-day bonanza which includes music, campaign, and adventure activities created a plugin through Facebook Messenger to answer fan queries.

The automated system answered a lot of queries, thus generating instant gratification among fans.

Personalized recommendations: AI-powered events are personalizing recommendations on a much wider scale than ever before.

For instance, an AI matchmaking engine with the help of social media platforms of the attendees could suggest the people they could meet, the conference they can attend, and also give product recommendations.

#5 Facial Recognition

Facial recognition has made significant marks on the events industry by helping the event organizer in behavior mapping, attendee engagement and most of all, event security which is a major concern, especially in high profile events.

Facial recognition nowadays is being used in most of the high tech events and one such is the Winter Olympic that is planning on combining facial recognition and AI for future events to improve the attendee experience.

#6-Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is completely changing the way attendees experience exhibitions, shows, and events.

A major plus of virtual reality is allowing event planners to create an interactive display.

Moreover, it can be used before your event to invite people, at your event to show them what they are missing out on and after the event showing them why they should attend next time.

Although, it is essential that you do your homework and research properly before choosing the best suitable technology for your events using metrics like functionalities, compatibility, pricing, reliability, and ease-of-use.