Everything about Christmas That You Should Now!

Christmas is a wonderful festival that is full of tradition and custom. But have you ever wonder that from where all these things came from? Let’s discuss where Christmas originated and how all the tradition all the customs get attached to it.

Origin of Christmas

Christmas is an annual festival that is celebrated due to the birth of Jesus Christ, which was held on December 25. Though the precise origin of Jesus is unclear.

But in AD 221, a Christian historian first identified the date of birth and which later become universal. In general the origin of date is due to the Roman Empire that celebrates this day as the symbol of the resurgence of the Sun.

Therefore December 25 has become widely accepted as the birthday of Jesus Christ. Many historians also connect these two things as the birth of a son and the rebirth of the Sun.

One of the most popular difficulties with the pagan festival is that they want to distinguish itself from pagan practices and festivals.

The other suggestion for the origination for December 25 as the birth date of Jesus Christ by the prior reason of creation of the world, when the light is created as Jesus conception on March 25, which later became the date birth after nine months.

How Christmas is celebrated

Christmas is widely celebrated as a religious festival from the 9th century, which didn’t get as religious importance as other Christians festivals Good Friday and Easter, which are a holiday for the Christians. Many Catholics churches celebrate Christmas at midnight, and Christmas carols are sung, and the fall of the garden of Eden is narrated.

Contemporary Celebration and tradition of Christmas

None of any contemporary Christmas customs have their records and affirmation, so it can be predicted that they are most fairly recent. Placing the Christmas tree branches in the home was recorded by the Das Narenchiff. This evergreen tree has always been used as part of Christmas to decorate the house. In most of Europian region, cherry or the hawthorn plants are placed in the pot for Christmas celebration.

Towards the end of the 18th century, the custom of Christmas gifts become widely accepted. Families buy Christmas gifts for kids and friends buy for each other.

People generally decorate their houses to visit each other and exchange gifts. Sending of Christmas cakes has been seen as the widely done practice during the Christmas festivity.

Santa Claus

Santa Claus is also known as Saint Nicholas or Kris Kringle, has a long story in history in the tradition of Christmas. Santa Claus is depicted as the flying man in the reindeer sled cart home to home on Christmas day to give presents to every kid.

Today is only popularly known as the funny man in the red and white color dress whose job is to bring Christmas gifts for boys and girls. But his story is very old, which is believed to be the 3rd century.

When saint Nicolas become the biggest supporter of the kids. Nowadays, malls and shopping centers have Santa Claus, who is a big reason million of the kids wait for this special day.

The custom of Christmas in other parts of the worlds

With the widespread of Christianity beyond America and Europe. The festival of Christmas is transferred to other countries as well. These communities don’t have a much larger Christian community, and therefore this religious holiday has become a cultural holiday.

In Central America, people celebrate this day with a unique tradition that marks the commemoration of this festival.  In India, the traditional Christmas tree is replaced with the mango or the bamboo tree and widely celebrated with a public holiday. People prefer to send Christmas gifts to their near and dear ones on this festive season as the token of love and care.