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First Apartment? Here’s How to Choose

First Apartment Here's How to Choose

Whether you are moving out for college, for the first time, or to a new location, finding a new apartment is both exciting and also a little stressful.

There are many things to consider when looking for your first apartment. While there is no perfect one, here are some tips on choosing the best place for you!

Consider Location

Location matters a lot more than most people think. Make sure it’s in an area that can get you where you need to be easily and quickly. Can you take time off work?

If so, make sure it won’t take longer than 30 minutes or fewer from home too long away. How about if you have children? Will they go to school at the same place as before, or will they have anywhere nearby?

Think about these questions ahead of time, so nothing seems like a hassle once it comes down to living there.

Give Every Room a Walk-through

When you are looking at places, give each one a walk-through. You’ll want to look in the closets, under sinks, and especially in the bathrooms.

Any place showing wear or tear could cost you money soon after moving into it when things break down more often than not.

Suppose there’s anything wrong with any of these items when you’re checking out an apartment for rent. Be sure to mention this during negotiation time so something can get fixed before signing your lease.

Consider Important Amenities

Be honest about what amenities matter most to you ahead of time too! For example, does having a washer/dryer in the unit matter? Does central air conditioning matter?

If you don’t care about these things, then save some money and not pay for them. However, ask the landlord or rental agent how often they get used if they are a must. You may also want to do an online search of each place, so check out what others have had to say about it!

Ask for Referrals

Another important thing when searching apartments is asking friends, family, and your social circles for recommendations. For example, if you want to live in Waterloo, conduct research on Waterloo apartments. Look up the location tags on your social media and filter for them when reading through reviews on apartment sites.

Conducting research and talking with others will give you valuable information about the apartment and location you are considering. This will also help you figure out if this is your dream apartment and you can ask for a referral or get contact information.

It can help point out some cons that aren’t obvious from walking around outside too. This is always helpful since it’s hard to trust one person’s opinion on an apartment if they haven’t lived there.

Inquire About the Wear and Tear

Ask the landlord or rental agent about what kind of wear and tear is expected from the carpeting. If it seems like a lot, make sure you are not paying for someone else’s mess since this can come back to bite you during the move-out time! Also, please find out how often they plan on cleaning / replacing things.

Why? Because that may end up being your responsibility if no one tells you ahead of time. Luckily, most places will mention these kinds of things when showing their place, so be wary before signing any papers.

Consider the Cost and Affordability

Another important consideration is how much you can afford and what your income will be like after taxes. You don’t want a space for rent too much as money may go towards bills instead of savings. But if it’s not enough space, then living there could feel more cramped than homey.

A good rule of thumb is saving up before renting somewhere else, which might cost more monthly, especially with utilities. Why? Because once those expenses come in, you’ll wish you’d planned better! It’s also wise to live someplace long term since moving makes finding new jobs trickier because of the lack of strong work history.

Consider Security

Regarding safety, consider factors like crime rates or emergency services. This can vary depending on what city or state your new home lives in. Keep these things in mind while you are apartment searching, but don’t get too caught up with them since your safety is the essential factor!

Remember to be flexible with your options, but not too much! Make sure you are happy living in the space you choose. It must have everything necessary for a comfortable life and doesn’t cost more than you can afford to start alone.

If any safety factors are involved, these should always prioritize anything else – especially location. After all, this may only last temporarily, so make sure it’s somewhere where you’ll feel good about being home!

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