Flourish With Spring: 5 Beauty Treatments to Take You Into the New Season

Flourish With Spring 5 Beauty Treatments to Take You Into the New Season

Spring is just around the corner here in Dubai and, as always, it’s very welcome. It’s nearly time to get out and enjoy that perfect window of weather, where it’s not too hot or too cold.

During spring, everything looks fresh and the flowers are blooming. The city buzzes with beachgoers and alfresco diners are making the most of this special season.  

Considering a new look or change of style? As with nature, spring is the season for revitalization and rejuvenation, the best time to inject some color and vibrancy into your look after the colder months.

After a period of semi-hibernation through cooler temperatures, which may have been magnified this year because of the pandemic, this is the ideal moment to treat yourself.

Make time for you and check out this selection of treatments, all available in a Dubai salon near you, and all virtually guaranteed to boost the way you feel.

1. A course of facials for the skin you’ve always longed for

While one facial will make a difference to the look and feel of your skin, the way to get the very best results is to commit to around six regular treatments.

Dermalogica’s Purifying Facial is proven to combat breakouts and acne. Aloki Facials Townsville is proven to combat breakouts and acne.To improve your fighting chances and achieve phenomenal results, however, this is definitely one to repeat several times.

These should be scheduled every week or two until you can switch to a wider-spaced maintenance program. This is a far more effective way to tackle problem skin than sporadic treatments.

If breakouts aren’t your issue, your skin would still benefit from regular treatments, say around once a month.

Why? Your facial will do an amazing job of purifying your skin, removing congestion, blackheads and working on blocked pores, as well as achieving optimal hydration levels.

Unfortunately, city living will quickly undo some of this good work: air pollution and sunshine are both culprits. A regular skincare boost in the form of a facial treatment will help you overcome this issue.

2. Take a curl lesson and never look back

Curly-haired? Fed up with mixed messages on how to take care of your curls? Invested in too many products that don’t have the desired effects? It’s time to take a curl lesson.

Each head of curly hair is unique. The hair experts know this, which is why it’s well worth taking their advice on exactly how to look after and get the best from your curls.

A curl lesson involves a close look at your particular curl type. You’ll then learn exactly how to take care of it. This will include when and how often to wash it, the products to use, and how to dry your curls.

You’ll learn how to style it and how to work with your curls, not against. All this will be demonstrated to you, on your own curls, meaning that you’ll leave the salon with probably the best curls ever, too.

Consider opting for a cut or color to your lesson, too. Curl experts have the training, experience and knowledge to restyle your curls and get the very best from them. This would be a fantastic pick-me-up that may revolutionize your hair care routine.  

3. A scented mani or pedi, or both

Do you have a happy smell – a scent that never fails to carry you away to a blissful time or place? Scientists know that our sense of smell and memory are very closely linked due to the anatomy of our brain. It’s for this reason, a scent can be instantly comforting or uplifting.

All this means a scented manicure or pedicure sounds blissful. First choose your scent – vanilla, tropical, or lavender, for example.

You’ll then be treated to a series of soaks, scrubs, massages and moisturization that not only smell amazing but will leave your hands and feet looking incredible.

Through every stage, you’ll be able to indulge in the heavenly scent of your choice, through carefully selected products and oils.    

This is the ideal treatment for a little well-earned self-indulgence and will leave you feeling “blissed-out” long after you’ve left the salon. 

4. Get creative with nail art

Why the love affair with nail art? Because it’s a super quick way to get creative, make a statement or add a pop of color and flair to your look. Plus, it’s so much fun.

If you’ve been wearing your nails dark and subdued for winter or sporting a more natural look, welcome the new season with something completely different.

Pale pastels like mint and rose pink work beautifully for spring and match many of the tones we see in nature at this time. Not quite vibrant enough? Then go bold and bright with reds, yellows, blues and greens bursting with color.

Add elegant metallic threads or crystals for a luxurious feel; get colors marbled for a spectacular effect, or ask for a sunset ombre look, where tones fade into one another.

Nail artists are open to ideas and these options are just the tip of the iceberg, so be sure to ask if there’s a certain style, look or color palette you’d like to work with.  

5. A humidity-fighting Brazilian Blowout

Dubai is humid all year round; spring is no different. Beat the resulting frizz with a revolutionary Brazilian blowout. Don’t confuse it with a simple blow-dry.

The Brazilian blowout is actually a system for smoothing and softening your hair and works on all hair types and will leave you with silky smooth locks that will last for weeks, through many shampoos. Or you could also go for a Brazilian straightening or relaxing treatment.

Benefits include fewer flyways and shiny and silky, frizz-free hair. The Brazilian blowout locks out humidity, plus makes blow-drying and straightening easier.

As such, it’s a great treatment to get in early spring to see you through the season with consistently glorious hair. This should free up some extra minutes each day to spend in the sunshine.

Make the most of the beautiful spring season with some fresh beauty treatments.

Take back time for yourself with a Brazilian blow-out or step out with extra confidence from a facial, mani or pedi. Spring is the season to just go for it and have fun!

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