Flower Arrangement: How to Arrange Flowers in an Appealing Manner?

Flower Arrangement How to Arrange Flowers in an Appealing Manner

Flower arrangement is the art of arranging flowers in such a balanced manner so that when it is on display, it becomes attractive to the people.

Flower arrangement is not an easy task. It involves certain rules which need to be followed. There are also various types and shapes in which flower arrangement is available.

Let Us First Discuss About the Rules That Needs to Be Followed:

1. Proportion

The vase and the stems of the flowers must be proportionate to each other. Suppose if the stems of the flowers are tall and the vase is small, then the flowers may topple.

Similarly, if the vase is too large and the flowers are short, they would not appear, and hence the whole arrangement would lose its charm.

The stem will have to be trimmed if the stem is huge compared to the vase. Hence this is the work best left for the florists to do.

2. Balance

The flowers must firmly balance in the container. The height of the flowers must be one and a half times the container.

Suppose that the container’s height is 30 cm, then the height of the flowers must be at least 45 cm for the flower arrangement to be able to balance itself in the container.

3. Harmony:

The colour of flowers, containers, leaves, and other accessories must match and complement the whole arrangement to give it an appealing look.

Suppose someone uses a container whose colour does not go with the colour of the flowers used in the arrangement. This will definitely make the whole arrangement unpleasant.

4. Rhythm

The arrangement should follow a rhythm whenever a person looks at it, and his/her eyes must flow through the different details of the arrangement.

For instance, the centre should be vibrant and appealing so that it attracts the eye and then the medium and small flowers must be arranged surrounding it. The flowers must be placed at different heights to break the monotonicity.

5. Texture

The flower and the foliage texture must be contrasting to each other. The texture will give the final feel of the combined items presented. The desired feature is put on the table for decoration.


Let Us Discuss Some of the Types of Flower Arrangements That Can Be Followed:

  • Elliptical Arrangement: In this type of arrangement, the flowers are positioned in the shape of an ellipse. This kind of arrangement is usually gifted at the time of birthdays and weddings.
  • Mostly bright coloured flowers are used. The most common flowers used for this arrangement include roses, sunflowers, dahlia, and lilies.
  • Crescent Arrangement: Flowers in this arrangement are placed in C shape. Glossy wraps usually support this type of arrangement, and they are beautifully decorated with satin and colourful ribbons.
  • Triangular Arrangement: This type of arrangement involves flowers arranged in a triangular shape. This is also the most common type of arrangement. Mostly bright coloured flowers are used in the centre, and the sides are covered with medium and small-sized flowers. They are also beautifully covered with transparent cellophane papers.
  • Vertical Arrangement: This is a type of arrangement in which flowers are arranged in vertical form. This type of arrangement can be made in bouquets as well as flower baskets. This arrangement is prevalent among florists as well as customers.
  • Horizontal Arrangement: Here, flowers are arranged horizontally. Flowers with strong fragrance are used in this arrangement. Flowers of different shapes and sizes are used and are placed in a zigzag pattern.
  • Fan Shaped Arrangement: In this type, the flowers are arranged in the form of a fan, and the spaces in between are filled with foliage or different filers.

Flower arrangement is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires proper skills and precision. However, an aesthetically pleasing flower arrangement can automatically brighten up someone’s day. Do not hesitate to approach more than one florist before you finalize the person to do your work.