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Follow the Steps Below to Fix Your Carpet Just Like a Pro

Follow the Steps Below to Fix Your Carpet Just Like a Pro

Carpet is one of the most used flooring solutions in the country and the carpets can be found in different kinds of materials.

The carpet cleaning is quite common but you are probably not aware of the fact that a damaged carpet can be fixed as well. Some might choose to hire professionals for the task but with a little effort and the right tools, there’s nothing that you can’t fix yourself.

That’s right because why would you want to pay for something that you can do yourself. However, for complex situations hiring carpet repair service independence is the right choice. Use the following simple steps to fix your carpet.

Identify the damaged area

A carpet burn is one of the most unforeseen events because no one brings anything hot closer to the carpet. Of course, some rare events can cause such damage, like a flame falls while smoking, or in some cases, if you try to dry your carpet with the hot iron then it can leave a mark.

In any case, a spot is going to look hideous. You can start the fixing work by identifying the damaged area. Remember that you can hire fix carpet torn-up independence anytime you feel like you are not up for the challenge.

Now, inspect the whole carpet if you find a similar issue on various points identify them all to fix it all in one go.

Prepare for intervention

Once you have successfully identified the damaged area it’s time to gather your supplies. The common carpet repair kit includes a fresh piece of carpet that you probably saved when you bought the carpet.

An extremely sharp cutting tool that can easily cut through the tough carpet. A strong adhesive and after that, you’d need scissors for trimming. You might want to buy a good pair of gloves as your safety equipment.

Remember to keep the adhesive away from the carpet until the last moment because unnecessary spilling can even damage it more. For detailed guidance, you can even watch a couple of videos online.

Mark the area and cut

Now that you have prepared the supplies it is time to mark the damaged area and cut out the damaged piece of carpet.

It is recommended to cut the carpet in regular forms so you can cut a replacement plug of a similar size easily. You can use an object to do it, for example like a circular object of a similar size to the damaged area. Just place it over the area and cut out the damaged area gently.

Make sure to keep your hands steady because the sharp cutter can easily damage the neighboring area. If you previously used an adhesive to install the carpet, then you might have to scratch it out and clean the surface to patch it up.

Apply adhesive and insert the plug

If you are thinking that you can fix a carpet without adhesive, then it simply can’t be done because you going to apply a fix that has to look similar to your carpet.

A small patch of carpet can’t stay in place without an adhesive. However, make sure you buy a good adhesive for the carpet and follow the setting instructions before application.

Some adhesives require more setting time than others, so you might have to wait a bit longer before you can trim the patched area.

In some cases, you have to wait for some time before the adhesive gains sufficient strength to hold the carpet plug. Once you feel that adhesive is ready, then gently place a properly shaped plug to cover the damaged area.

Shape the plug accordingly

The shaping part is probably the most critical point of the whole process because if you do it wrong you might have to repeat everything once again.

There are two main parts of the process to make the newly inserted plug look like the carpet. One is shaping the carpet with the help of scissors and the second is leveling it with the help of a carpet brush.

The objective is simple, to make it look like exactly the rest of the carpet. Now take out the scissors and cut the extra piece of carpet around the plug to make it a perfect fit for the damaged area.

Once that is done and your adhesive has gained even more strength, now you can start with the brushing phase. The brushing process will tangle up the fibers of the plug with the neighboring area. Once it is done no one will be able to tell whether it is fixed or natural.

If you know a few facts about the carpet, then you’d know that synthetic material-based carpets have higher chances to run into burning problems. That’s because the synthetic fibers are thermoset in nature and can be easily damaged with little heat.

Whereas natural fibers are less exposed to this kind of risk. The carpet can be fixed easily if you are willing to do it. If you have a larger damaged area, then it is recommended to hire professionals because you’d probably not have the cutting of carpet to replace the large size damaged area.