Free Solutions to Migrate Lotus Notes Database to Office 365

Free Solutions to Migrate Lotus Notes Database to Office 365

Undoubtedly, it becomes pretty complex when there comes a need to migrate Lotus Notes database to Office 365.

Often times, the major concern which is faced by the users is to find the right solution, which is result-oriented.

If you are among those users who want to know the finest approach to perform Lotus Notes to Office 365 Migration procedure.

Then, without wasting much of your time, let’s begin to know the effortless solution.

HCL Notes, which was formerly known as IBM Notes and Lotus Notes is being majorly used by enterprise users.

Though it offers remarkable features, in comparison with other email programs like Office 365, the features are not up to the mark.

Lotus Notes is pretty much difficult to use because of its complicated interface, which makes the novice users more inefficient.

As a result, Lotus Notes users often come up with the need to migrate to a better yet reliable platform like Microsoft Office 365.

With every passing year, Office 365 is becoming popular because of it’s out of the box features, which is incorporated in a user-friendly interface.

It is a cost-effective application offering top-of-the-line features to meet the challenging business requirements.

One can avail MS Office 365 in an affordable price range wherein it requires less maintenance cost, unlike IBM Notes. All these factors generate the need to migrate Lotus Notes database to Office 365.

“Using IMAP connector, I found the manual method pretty much stressful, which consumed my valuable time.

After migrating the NSF files to Office 365, I had noticed that few of the emails were not migrated, which disappointed me.

After which, my search started to find a result-driven automated tool. However, I am not able to conclude with a migration tool when considering the features.

Could someone help me suggest some robust Lotus Notes NSF to Office 365 migration tool?”

100% Agile Solution to Migrate Lotus Notes Database to Office 365

Lotus Notes to Office 365 Migration software is a cost-effective yet foolproof solution to experience a hassle-free data migration from HCL Notes to Office 365.

The highlighted part is that it offers all the advanced features in a simplified user interface. Moreover, all the features are result-oriented, which delivers data migration results with 100% accuracy,

In addition to that, users need not have to worry about data loss issue, which can be faced in the manual workaround. Following are the steps to migrate Lotus Notes database to Office 365.

  1. Install and run the software on your Windows machine
  2. Select the source platform as “Lotus Notes” and destination email platform as “Office 365”/li>
  3. Apply the advanced settings i.e., date filter option and categories from the Workload section/li>
  4. Specify the admin credentials of both Lotus Notes and O365 mailboxes/li>
  5. Users can map the source and destination mailboxes manually or automatically via “Fetch Users” or “Import CSV” options/li>
  6. After the required settings are applied, click on Start Migration to initiate the process/li>

What are the Noteworthy Features of the Tool?

Listed below are some advanced features offered by the tool.

  1. Migrate emails, contacts & calendars of Lotus Notes to O365
  2. From the workload section, avail selective NSF mailbox migration
  3. Provides the date-filter option to export selective or required NSF data
  4. Renders multiple re-run migration options to migrate Lotus Notes database to Office 365
  5. Avail concurrent migration to migrate multiple mailboxes in batch
  6. Users can set priority to the preferred user accounts if required

What are the Limitations Induced in the Manual Approach?

The manual method to migrate Lotus Notes database to Office 365 using IMAP connector is loaded with several shortcomings as follows:

  1. Consumes a lot of time and efforts because of complicated and lengthy steps
  2. May occur loss of data in the destination Office 365 account post-migration
  3. Users must acquire adequate technical knowledge to perform the same
  4. NSF files having a size of 1GB or more fail to get migrated to the desired O365 account

Time to Wind Up

In order to migrate Lotus Notes database to Office 365, this blog reveals the proven solution to do the same.

Understanding the aforementioned downsides associated with the manual approach, it is a wise choice to avail the trustworthy third-party software.

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