From Billionaire Mansion by Sanjeev Nanda to Nobu Dubai by Nobuyuki Matsuhisa

From Billionaire Mansion by Sanjeev Nanda to Nobu Dubai by Nobuyuki Matsuhisa

If there is one thing that unites the people across the globe, it’s food. And when it comes to food, Dubai is no short of heaven.

An amalgamation of different cultures and cuisines – there is something for everyone in Dubai.

While the city does not have its own Michelin Guide, it does house some of the most well-recognized restaurants in the world, run by restauranteurs who came up with a unique idea which was loved by the people.

Here are our top picks from the uber-chic restaurants in Dubai:

Billionaire Mansion & Sumosan (by Sanjeev Nanda)

Billionaire Mansion & Sumosan is just as luxe as its name. The brainchild of hospitality maven Sanjeev Nanda, the restaurant is housed on the first floor of the Taj Dubai.

It is not just somewhere to eat, but also a destination for amazing views, electric ambience, stunning décor and an unforgettable gastronomical experience.

What makes the restaurant class apart is not just the sensuous experience it offers to the guests, but also the culinary marvel that comes in the form of a dual menu that offers the best of Italian and Japanese cuisines.

Having hosted Hollywood celebs such as Robert DeNiro, Will Smith and Naomi Campbell, Billionaire Mansion & Sumosan is certainly puts the ‘fine’ in fine dining.

Nathan Outlaw at Al Mahara (by Nathan Outlaw)

Celebrity Chef Nathan Outlaw has created heaven for seafood lovers with his restaurant. Situated at Al Mahara, the place offers one of the very best culinary experiences in Dubai.

The ambience is also something to look forward to – it’s not every day that one gets to dine within a vast aquarium. The food accentuates the simplicity of flavours by letting the finest ingredients speak for themselves.

La Petite Maison (by Arjun Waney)

‘A riot of flavours’ is what best defines the food at La Petite Maison. Located in Dubai International Financial Centre, the restaurant was started by entrepreneur Arjun Waney with an aim of acquainting the city with the old Genoese cuisine.

What makes the food at La Petite Maison is the fact that the Mediterranean restaurant generously uses local produce such as artichokes, courgettes, girolles, olives, peppers, and tomatoes with fresh pasta.

Seafood and meat to create dishes that light and healthy without compromising on the taste.

Nobu Dubai (by Nobuyuki Matsuhisa)

Started by Japanese celebrity chef Nobuyuki Matsuhisa, Nobu Dubai is housed at the Atlantis Hotel.

The restaurant specializes in fusion cuisine – creating unique dishes by combining the best of Japanese and Arabic styles of cooking.

The menu also retains some of the classics by the globally renowned chef, such as the yellowtail topped with thin slices of jalapeño, and the legendary seared black cod served with sweet miso sauce.

The ambience is serene, with private areas best suited for more intimate gatherings.

The restaurant not just redefines Japanese cuisine, it also lets the guest be a part of the revolutionary idea by allowing them to learn the secrets behind this globally acclaimed restaurant chain.

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