Furniture Will Always Be New, Just Try These Great Tips

Furniture Will Always Be New, Just Try These Great Tips

Furniture Cleaning and Care Tips: When buying furniture, people pay full attention to its design and beauty, but not enough to maintain the beauty of the house.

A layer of dust and dirt on your designer furniture can stain home decor. In such a situation, today we tell you some special tips related to furniture cleaning which will help you to keep your furniture always new by making the work very easy.

Follow these tips to keep the furniture clean

Keep wooden cupboards etc. away from lubricating. Make a thick solution by adding water to the baking soda. Now apply this solution on the stained area and leave it for a while, then wipe it lightly.

To remove frozen oil on furniture, take equal amount of ammonia and warm water and dip a sponge in it to remove excess water and wipe the grease. Immediately wipe the furniture with a dry cloth so that it does not absorb moisture.

Most of the furniture used in the home is of varnish wood, so it is important to keep them away from dust and dirt. Keep them clean with a vacuum cleaner or dry and soft cloth.

Cleaning the furniture once in a month with lemon juice also gives a new glow to the furniture. You can also make old furniture by painting it with mineral oil.

If possible, get the wooden furniture waxed or varnished every year. This does not absorb the furniture moisture.

The more good the furniture looks, the more difficult it is to look after it. The special thing is that due to not taking proper care of the leather furniture, it gets cracked in place.

If any kind of liquid falls on the furniture, clean it immediately because it does not take any time to stain anything on the leather. Even 2 drops of water make white marks on the leather.

Do not let the furniture come in contact with any kind of oil, because this not only reduces the shine of the furniture, but also causes cracks in it.

Dusting the furniture daily so that it stays true for a long time. Keep furniture away from sunlight and air conditioner. This will avoid furniture fading and cracking. Never clean the furniture with baby wipes, it makes it shine.

Do not be negligent in cleaning wooden furniture

People are often negligent in cleaning wooden furniture, which causes it to deteriorate. If the furniture is cleaned carefully, it gets a new glow.

Once a month if the furniture is cleaned with lemon juice, then it gets a new glow. You can also make old furniture by painting it with mineral oil, and if you want, you can clean the furniture by adding a light dish washing soap to it.

Wax often accumulates in wooden furniture, which is the best option to clean, rub it with a steel scrubber and wipe it with a soft cloth. Many times children apply crayon colours on wood.

The wax of these colours is removed by rubbing with a steel scrubber but the colour does not disappear. In this case, mix the available dry laundry starch in the water in the stained area with paintbrush and wipe it with a wet cloth after drying.

Read the rules before cleaning microfiber furniture

Before cleaning the microfiber furniture, it is very important to look at the tag of care regulations on it. Because W is written on some tags.

If a W is written on the tag, it means that it can be cleaned with water and on which it is not written, it means that if the furniture is washed with water, it can be stained with water. First of all microfiber furniture with soft brush.

After this, dissolve soap in cold water and clean the furniture with towels. Keep in mind that cleaning the furniture only by squeezing the towels properly so that the furniture does not get wet with more water.

After wiping with a towel, immediately dry the cleaned area with a hairdryer. After drying, run a light brush on the place so that it can come to the first position.

Make a thick solution by adding water to the baking soda. Now apply this solution on the stained area and leave it for a while. Then wipe it lightly. Instead of cleaning the stain on the furniture with water, clean it with baby wipes. Keep in mind that do not rub the stained area too much.

If stubborn grease stains like furniture, then make a solution of washing soap and water to remove it and spray it on the stained area. After some time, wipe the place with wet cloth.

Plastic furniture can also decorate your home

It has often been seen that when it comes to cleaning plastic furniture, it is either shown the way to the storeroom or sold in junk. But in fact if the plastic furniture is cleaned properly then it can also be brightened.

Mix bleach and water evenly and fill it in a bottle and spray it on the stains on the furniture. After spraying, keep the furniture in the sun for 5 to 10 minutes.

Plastic furniture can also be brightened by tube and tile cleaners. Nothing much for this, just spray the stained area and wash it with water after 5 minutes. Stains will be cleared.

Kitchenware detergent is also helpful in removing stains in plastic furniture. For this, make a detergent and water solution in the ratio of 1: 4. Spray this solution on the furniture and leave it for 5 to 10 minutes. After this wipe the furniture with cloth. A new glow will come.

Light plastic stains can also be washed with baking soda. For this, dip the sponge in baking soda and rub it in the round on the stained area. The stain will be light. Scratch marks on plastic furniture can be removed with non-gels toothpaste.

It is true that the dyeing of the house seems incomplete till the furniture of the house looks clean. If all the types of furniture in the house are brightened by the above methods, then the joy of Diwali will be more enjoyable.