Get Your Summer Skincare Kit in Under 1K

Get Your Summer Skincare Kit in Under 1K

Summer is completely here when you prefer cold drinks over hot drinks, cotton wear over synthetic, open shoes, an umbrella for sun protection, and deodorant.

All the sweat and heat makes our skin dull, and harmful rays of sun make our skin tan. The skin starts behaving differently as compared to winter. Acne breakouts, blemishes and other skin owes start showing on your face.

Now, the question arises, how can you stop having all these problems in hot weather? Well, in this post, we would be telling you how to make your skin glowing and beautiful even in summer with skincare products.

You should include these skincare products in your beauty regime to fight summer skin owes. Moreover, online salon treatments provide extra hydration so consider booking your appointment through an online salon booking app.

So, let’s get into the affordable skincare summer kit under 1k-

1. Clean and clear foaming face wash

This is one of the common face wash among the Indians. Clean and clear face wash extremely hydrates the skin and makes it glowing and nourishing.

Cleansing is so important in summer because dirt, impurities and pollutants settle down into the skin. Cleansing your face deeply helps remove dirt and cleans the pores.

This ensures that your skin looks clean and prevents acne breakouts and dullness due to sweat and heat. This face wash is also hydrates and nourishes the skin without making it dry. Moreover, removes oiliness and hard to remove dirt.

2. Himalaya herbals face scrub

Himalaya is a trusted and well-known brand that provides amazing products for oily skin and basically for absorbing oil. And oily skin due to sweat and heat appears more.

Himalaya herbals face scrub has the goodness of neem and natural botanicals to pamper skin. This scrub helps to remove dead skin cells of the upper layer of skin and leaves bright glowing skin in summer.

It removes the oil and dirt from the pores and cleanses deeply to ensure no breakouts and oiliness. You should scrub your face twice a week for better results.

3. Himalaya herbals purifying face pack

Another amazing product for skin care kits in summer is Himalaya’s face pack. This face pack comes in tube kinda packaging as well as small pouches are available for one time use—the supper affordable product to remove the dirt.

This face pack works deeply into the skin and with the goodness of neem, aloe vera and other natural ingredients, it pulls out the impurities from skin.

You need to apply this face pack once a week for better results. It prevents acne breakouts, oiliness, and dull skin complexion. All you have to do is apply it on your skin for 10-15 minutes and wash it off with water.

4. Lacto calamine daily sun shield matte look sunscreen SPF 50 pa+++

The most important product in your skincare kit should be sunscreen. You shouldn’t ignore it at anyhow. It’s a must for protection from harmful rays of sun. In summer, the sun is at its peak, which means more heat and skin damage.

That’s why whenever you are heading out from your home, apply sunscreen. Include this in your skincare routine and wear a layer every day. Not only on the face but all the exposed areas of the skin such as hands, legs, and neck also need to wear SPF. 

Lacto calamine sunscreen has the power of SPF to protect your skin from sun damages such as sunburn, tanning, blemishes, dullness and even skin cancer.

It protects and hydrates the skin with the goodness of SPF. This sunscreen is affordable and effective for harsh UVA & UVB rays of the sun.

5. Pond’s light moisturizer non-oily with Vitamin E

Face moisturizer is also a part of your skincare routine in summer. Some people think that moisturizer is not necessary for summer. But that’s a myth. You need moisture, nourishment, and hydration even in summer.

This keeps your skin healthy and hydrated from within. You feel super healthy, glowing and nourished skin with regular application.

The light formula of the pond’s moisturizer is perfect for your skin in summer. This has the goodness of Vitamin E and glycerin that hydrates the skin. 

6. Neutrogena Norwegian formula lip moisturizer

Lip moisturization and nourishment is equally important as face. Lips are delicate and easily prone to the pigmented and dark lips. Moreover, a common problem with lips are dry and patch lips.

Lip moisturizer protects the skin from dryness and keeps it soft and supple. The harsh air in hot weather makes skin super dry so you need to moisturize it every day no matter what.

To avoid the problem of dry and pigmented lips, use this lip moisturizer. This completely nourishes the lips to protect them from dryness. Also, lip moisturizer with SPF is a win-win situation in the summer season.

7. The bottom line

So, your summer skincare kit is ready under 1k. Buy these products and incorporate them in your regime to fight the heat and sweat in summer. These are affordable and super effective to deal with the oiliness and stickiness during this season.

Salon’s beauty and hydrating treatments also work great in summer. For facial and massage treatment, you need to visit salon. For this, consider online salon booking app to book your appointment anytime from your comfort zone.

In online salon booking, choose your nearby salon, select services, and book the appointment at the available time. Then visit the salon at a scheduled time. You are done!

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