Give your Eyes a stunning look with 5 best contact lens designs

best contact lens designs

Contact lenses are primarily used to correct your vision and make you see things clearly. Fortunately, with people’s creativity and innovation, you can now enjoy them for their aesthetic purposes.

There is an array of contact lenses designs available today, which you can wear to accentuate or even reinvent your look totally.

Some of these styles are subtle, enhancing your natural eye color, but you’ll also be surprised how some of these designs are just out of this world! Let’s cut through the chase! Get to know the five best contact lens designs you should look out for!

1. Wolf Eye Contact Lenses

Are you a fan of the movie ‘Twilight?’ Then, channel the werewolf inside you and start howling at the moon with wolf contact lenses. They are realistic, making it easy to create a genuinely scary werewolf costume for any event or party!

It comes in different stylish colors to match your preferred outfit. Don’t fret as these lenses are healthy and safe. If features an advanced sandwich painting technology that divides the contacts into three layers, preventing the vivid color pigments from touching your sensitive cornea directly. You can wear them worry-free!

Moreover, it comes with a super smooth and soft design and is made from non-ionic raw materials so, all you can expect is optimum comfortability. Lastly, it allows an ample amount of oxygen, keeping your eyes fresh.

These fantastic wolf contact lenses will surely draw attention to you and add realism to the persona you’re looking to achieve! The next time you wear that werewolf costume, pair it with these contacts and get ready to slay the night!

2. Iris Contact Lenses

Don’t want to go extreme but wanting to enhance your look? Iris contact lenses are the perfect choice for you. It features a vivid design based on real human eyes, providing delicate but elegant effects. Get ready to have an outstanding, natural, and fabulous look. 

The secret about the Iris contact lens is its advanced figure design concept. Through high-definition lenses, it captured nearly a hundred different models’ eyes from both European and American descent. With thorough comparison and research, several stunning colors and designs were made, providing you many options but with the same natural hybrid feeling.

These lenses don’t offer just aesthetics, though. Iris contact lenses are made of high-quality silicone hydrogel materials, keeping your eyes comfortable and moist. Plus, it employs the same sandwich painting technology so, making it safe and healthy for your eyes.

No doubt, the Iris contact lenses are perfect for any day to give you that enhanced natural look while keeping your eyes healthy and fresh!

3. Cat Eye Contact Lenses

Perfect for any Halloween party or cosplay event, the Cat Eye contact lenses can quickly turn you into any feline character you want.

Not only that! Since these lenses come in an array of colors, you may come as an alien by wearing the green cat’s eyes, transform into a witch with yellow cat’s eyes, or be a scary ghoul with the white cat’s eye. Lastly, the red cat’s eye is sure to complement any costume you can think of.

While it projects a frightening look, these lenses are made of high-quality material,  bringing a smooth and comfortable feeling to your eyes. Plus, its diameter will is specifically designed to cover your pupils well, keeping your look as natural and real as possible.

Moreover, most of these lenses are yearly disposable. Thanks to its high water content and first-class silicone hydrogel composition, you can use them for an entire year.

With the right costume and proper makeup, you can now achieve the perfect cat eye character in your next party in the blink of an eye with the contact lenses.

4. Circle Contact Lenses

Circle lenses are a recent phenomenon in the contact lens industry. Also known as “big eyes,” these lenses make your eyes appear larger than usual to achieve that doll-like appearance.

If you are looking to portray your favorite anime in an event or just wanting to feel how to be like him or her on a typical day, the circle contact lenses are your best bet.

These novelty contact lenses cover both the iris and white part of your eye or the sclera to achieve your desired look. It uses an opaque or non-transparent tint that completely hides your natural eye color. The center of the circle contact lenses that lies over your eyes is still transparent so that you can see.

You can choose from a wide array of colors and dramatic designs, giving you much freedom. You will have no problems finding the best match for your desired look for the day. The most popular circle contact lenses are colors yellow, white, and black as worn on the famous cult TV show True Blood.

Truth to be told, using circle contact lenses has been a concern for safety in the past years due to their unusual size. But, the powers of technology crept in, making these lenses now healthy and safe to use. It is still advisable, though, to get these lenses from legitimate sources, whether with a prescription or for aesthetic use only.

5. Glitter for Contact Lenses

While they are not actual contact lenses, glitter is fun a way to redefine and add more appeal to the already stunning look provided by contact lenses.

Before glitter may not have been drawing attention, unlike other cosmetics, however, since prominent designers have widely used it on most famous fashion events, it has now become acceptable and in demand among many people.

You can freely choose from different styles and colors to accentuate your look. Be surprised how glitters incredibly complement contact lenses in providing you your preferred appearance for any significant event in your life.

Wrapping Up

Contact lenses have been a fantastic innovation. Through the years, it has evolved from the material used, longevity, and the purposes it can serve. Nowadays, it proved to be a staple in enhancing your look in a breeze. Make sure to take of these five fabulous contact lenses design and get ready to stun the crowd.