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Google Call Only Ads 2021 with Your Requirements

Google Call Only Ads 2021 with Your Requirements

Google Ads is an amazing Ad system that presents your Ads to your relevant target audience. While the prime goal is to get the audience to visit your site and take action, sometimes it isn’t about getting clicks.

In the case of Google Call Only Ads, advertisers want the customers to call rather than visiting their website.

In this article, we will tell you everything about Google Call Only Ads 2021 with your requirements. Let’s get started!

What Are Google Call Only Ads?

Google Call Only Ads work in your best interests when you want people to call your business. Call Only Ads to look like the PPC analysis but contain less Ad text.

These Ads only show up on the devices that can make calls, for example, mobile phones. This type of Ads is the most effective for service-based businesses that require people to get in touch with them.

Does it sound like something that might be fit for your business? Keep reading to know how to create your first Google Call Only Ads campaign in 2021. First, let’s know what’s so good about Google Call Only Ads.

What Is So Good About Google Call Only Ads?

Google Call Only Ads serve one simple purpose, i.e., encourage potential customers to call you. Just like any other search network Ad, the call-only Ads also appear in the search results.

However, it focuses more on your website link, brand, and a click-based contact number than your Ad’s headline or description.

You don’t have to add any Ad extensions to add more sales jargon to your Ad. Clicking on a call-only Ad won’t take a user to the landing page. Instead, a small window will pop up and make them place the call. Just two clicks and the prospects will be on the call with you.

Even better? You won’t have to pay any additional costs associated with Google Call Only Ads. Just like a standard text Ad, you will be charged a normal CPC whenever someone clicks your Ad.

Thus, it is an incredible Ad system that lets your customers call you instantly whenever they have a problem or query, or they want to order takeout. It is extremely handy when a live chat or submitting long forms isn’t an option.

Why Should You Use Call Only Ads?

In a nutshell, if you have someone available to solve the immediate needs of a user or conduct your business over the call, Google Call Only Ads is the way to go.

Unlike PPC advertising, call-only Ads eliminate the risk of a leak in your sales funnel. Since users won’t go to a landing page, there is no bounce rate. You will pay only if a user clicks the call link.

The users who make phone calls are usually the ones who want your service right now. So, make sure to add an easy call button for your leads.

Are you ready to get your first Google Call Only Ad campaign off the ground? Let’s begin!

What Are The Google Call Only Ads Requirements 2021?

To get started, navigate to the Google Ads dashboard and click the ‘+’ button under the Campaigns tab.

Select the search network because this is the only network that allows call only Ads. For Google Call Only Ads, your goal should be either on sales or leads. Give our Ad campaign a name.

Select ‘Get phone calls’ from the setup. After setting the parameters and creating an Ad group, click the Ads tab, the ‘New’ button, and ‘Call-only Ad.’

The next step is to mention the properties of the new Ad-

  • Business Name
  • Phone Number
  • Description Line 1, 2
  • Display URL, Phone Number Verification URL
  • Show my Ad with (by default)

Google auto-creates the headlines on your behalf. Thus, what we create is no headline call only Ad.

While the searcher will have to click twice to make a phone call, you will pay for a one-click PPC marketing tool only (the one that directs the user to the dial screen).

Business Name Requirements

It is best to use your domain name in the business name with appropriate spacing between the words. Sometimes, your business name may be displayed in the Ad instead of your phone number.

Phone Number

Make sure to enter your business phone number in the right format for the country you have selected. Remember, any error in the format will be displayed as a trafficking error. So, enter your area code in the bracket followed by your phone number. Make use of hyphens too.

Phone Number Verification URL

You require to provide a verification URL so that Google confirms the contact number displayed in the Ads. If the destination URL isn’t working, mismatches, or offers a poor experience, Google may disapprove of the verification.

Show My Ad With

Make sure to use the Google forwarding number that reports the phone call metrics. You can choose the call duration (60 or 90 seconds) that counts as a conversion.

Google auto generates a number and displays it in the Ad rather than the one you entered as your business phone number.

Some Best Practices To Run Google Call Only Ads Successfully

Below are a few practices to make sure that you get the most from the Google Call Only Ads-

  • Write an Ad copy that clearly tells what your business is all about. Tell the users why they should call.
  • Include high-intent keywords, along with the call-centric ones in the description.
  • Don’t forget to mention your services in the Ad.
  • Make sure that the calls get directed to the right location.
  • Use Google’s call tracking metrics to measure your call quality.
  • Schedule your calls during the working hours or the peak call times.


Phone calls generate more qualified leads than other digital marketing methods. Thankfully, Google Ads provides a call-only Ad option to encourage visitors to make a quick phone call to enjoy the services.

They may not be the right fit for every business, though. If you think that they fit your business needs, it’s crucial to test them out and see the results.

Now that you know the requirements for Google Call Only Ad 2021, it’s time to start creating your campaign. Once you have created an Ad campaign, make sure to test and optimize it to reap the best results.

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