Guide To Creating A Perfect Rooftop Garden In Manhattan

Guide To Creating A Perfect Rooftop Garden In Manhattan

Since our cities are becoming more and more populated, and since green spaces are kind of going extinct, many people try to snatch any space they can to make it their outdoor heaven.

And when it comes to places like New York City is, rooftops are pretty much the only space you can possibly have.

And that’s where the idea for the guide to creating a perfect rooftop garden in Manhattan came up.
The thing with it is that it’s completely doable.

You can have an amazing garden on the rooftop and watch the city every night and it isn’t even too difficult. Now, you may already have something similar, but this article can be helpful for you too.

You will get new ideas and maybe find a way to improve your little Wonderland even more.

Why you can’t go wrong with a rooftop garden?

Cities, companies, and municipalities all around the world are happily endorsing the rooftop garden movement.

The Rockafeller Centre in New York, in fact, has one of the most beautiful examples in existence.

To get the most accurate information we’ve talked to the interior and outdoor designers, as well as with professionals from Zenith Moving.

They’ve filled us in with a few great tips and helped us in determining the benefits of having a rooftop garden. And just some of them are:

  • Extra outdoor space
  • Improved air quality
  • Decorative space and aesthetics value
  • Added value to the property
  • A way of handling stormwater
  • Heat insulation (gain or loss)Provides habitat for native animal species

We didn’t want to include the eventual possibilities of using the space for business. Just check out what are the advantages of owning a rooftop restaurant business if you doubt in those. But, without further, a due let’s see what are the secrets of creating a perfect rooftop garden in Manhattan.

Treat it like an outdoor living room

You want your rooftop terrace to have if not all, most of the trappings and comforts of a living room that’s inside the home.

What this means is that there have to be lots of cushy furniture, wall art, and even lightning. Imagine your space as an extension of rooms inside and try to arrange it to fit.

Of course, not all decor makes sense outside. You don’t need fancy paintings on the walls, but investing in comfortable outdoor furniture, and adding details such as rugs, potted plants, and lightning will make it shine much more lavishly.

If your plants’ provider isn’t taking care of the transport, be sure to invest in that also. Know that moving plants can sometimes be tricky and don’t just go there in your car.

Make a green screen

A green screen is literally a wall covered in plants. Get your hands on a few screens, fences and planters and grow vines and shrubs on them. This will block the view from the buildings that are nearby to your garden, but it will do the opposite also.

So you’re going to feel like you’re inside of a tree.

You can take it a step further with investing in some pergola or shade sail. Both the shade and the added sense of privacy will be very pleasant for the experience.

You can accompany everything with a good set of LED downlights. We’ve seen those do wonders with all kinds of spaces and they’re not too expensive.

Add softness

We get that the idea of a rooftop garden is that it is sustainable and durable, but don’t get yourself lost in that frame of mind.

Buy a few brightly coloured waterproof pillows and just scatter them around. Add a rug or two. The whole idea of creating a perfect rooftop garden in Manhattan is to make it your own. Do whatever you would like to do to the place to be as inventing as it can be.

Make a few curves

The thing with softness is that has to be everywhere. Now, that is not an easy task to do with man-made constructions such as buildings in Manhattan, but you always can cheat in a way or two.

Add a curved bench around a round table. You can make a little fountain that will be in a curvy shape. It’s only important not to let everything be straight.

Set plants

The number of options you have when it comes to plants is amazing. Lush vines, leafy shrubs, swaying grasses, or colourful flowers. You can go to whichever option you like the most. Or simply combine them all.

Just remember that all of them will need adequate soil, light exposure, and water to be able to thrive in your rooftop garden.

This is where it’s important not to cheap out. Built-in planters are always your best bet, but large and medium containers can also be a good choice.

Ideally, you would want to hook up a drip irrigation system to minimize your chores regarding the terrace.

To get the most greenery for the buck, we recommend checking out vines and tall skinny plants. Additionally, them taking up just a little bit of the floor space is always a bonus in tight spaces.

Remember that just that can be a reason why someone decides to buy your house if you ever decide to go into the home selling process.

Make the room that you want to use

It’s very important for you to determine what exactly the purpose of this sanctuary will be. Do you want to host parties there so it should be like an outdoor entertaining spot, or you want just a private retreat for you and your loved ones?

Maybe you want both. and that’s perfectly fine. Just make sure to design everything to support your idea of using the area. That is the final secret of creating a perfect rooftop garden in Manhattan.

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