Here’s How to Convert Eudora MBOX to PST Like a Professional

Here's How to Convert Eudora MBOX to PST Like a Professional

Emails are the backbone of most organizations. From daily discussions to decisions, meetings to work, email messages comprise of all kinds of information.

So, a discontinued email client like Eudora adds to the risk factor and negatively impacts your productivity. Therefore, it is time to get rid of Eudora and replace it with the current most popular email client i.e., Outlook.

This may at first seem like an uphill task but with the right set of tools, everything you do will be completely professional.

Now, before moving onto the method to convert Eudora MBOX to PST, let us understand this conversion fails so much.

Most Common Issues During Eudora Conversion

Call it a problem or uniqueness, Eudora stores its mailbox files and attachments in different files on the local system. Therefore most methods that only process the Eudora MBOX file (or MBX to be exact) leave the attachments out of the converted PST file.

The previous issue is mostly related to software used for converting Eudora MBOX to PST. However, the internet also suggests some manual methods. These methods are riddled with complexities and errors, some of which are mentioned below:

  • The process that involves multiple email clients such as Outlook Express, Apple Mail, etc is a cumbersome one in its own way. And since it involves the MBX file only, no attachments are preserved in the end. The risk of losing data and inconsistent formatting further degrades the conversion quality.
  • Another manual method is to configure the same email address in both Eudora and Outlook and use the IMAP features for email synchronization. Since the certificates of Eudora are outdated, it is an uphill task to configure nay new account in it. Further, most people who still use Eudora have a large mailbox to use. And the process of synchronization on two ends can take days to complete.

So all in all, we can say that incompetent tools and outdated manual methods are not only time-consuming but also result in data loss. Therefore, we need something that is reliable, fast and keeps everything intact in the emails.

Reliable Method to Convert Eudora MBOX to PST

SysTools MBOX to Outlook converter is a trustworthy tool that can not only convert multiple MBOX files into PST format but also transfer the attachments with it.

The science behind it is that the tool can directly fetch the database from the Eudora email client itself. It helps the tool to identify the link between the MBS file and the attachments folder.

Thus, users get complete mail information in the PST file in a hassle-free manner. The software also provides a boatload of features that we will discuss later. But first, let us start with the steps required to convert Eudora MBOX to PST file.

1.Firstly, download the software and install it in your system.

2.Click on the Add File button on the welcome screen.

3.Now, select Eudora and click on the Default Profile Configured option to proceed to the next window.

select eudora

4. Here, select the Eudora profiles that you wish to convert to PST and click the Process button.

5. The software displays email messages and attachments in multiple view modes.

6. Here, the user has two options. For selective conversion, check/uncheck the checkbox > right-click > select Export option. Otherwise, simply click on the Export button from the menu bar.

7. Select PST format in the list of export options and set the location where you want to save the PST files.

select pst

8. Finally, click the Export button to start converting Eudora MBOX to PST format in a seamless manner.

How does the software benefit its users?

Coming back to the boatload of features we were talking about, the software provides multiple features that can simplify the complete process. Users can benefit from these features in the following manner:

  • One can use the scanning feature to load multiple Eudora profiles in the software interface automatically.
  • The ability of the tool to preview emails before conversion also gives a useful insight into what data is going to be converted.
  • The checkbox available on different screens of the software enables a user to select emails, files and folders that he/she wants to convert to PST.
  • Multiple export options are also provided if for some reason the user decides to convert Eudora to Outlook MSG or other formats.
  • The split PST features can reduce the size of a large PST file by splitting it into multiple smaller PST files for user convenience.

Summing Up

The process of converting Eudora MBOX to PST is no longer a complicated one. Users can forget all the outdated methods and opt for SysTools MBOX to PST Converter for a hassle-free process.

This professional tool eats up all the extra load on the user and provides fast, easy and most importantly, accurate data conversion.

The step by step process along with some of the benefits are also explained in the article. Choose the Pro tool and let go of all your worries.