How Android 11 Features Impact on Mobile Apps

How Android 11 Features Impact on Mobile Apps

In the environment of the Operating System, Android 10 is really a huge shift for Google.

Now, people can easily enjoy much-awaited Dark Mode including permission changes while using an application.

While people are actually bored of the Android 10, Android 11 is all in its developing stage.

Certain principles from the OS 10 are followed to make it as much efficient as possible. Before its final launch in the technological world, it is being polished with its final touch.

But it is not the Android developers, who are only excited the same excitement is there amongst tech-enthusiasts, app owners, stakeholders and common people.

Before jumping off directly into the impact of Android 11, let’s have a glimpse of its features first. Continue reading to know even about benefits of hiring an Android development company for enjoying the benefits of OS 11 from this blog.

Features of Android 11

  • Multiple Messaging Improvements
  • One-Time Permission
  • In-Built Screen Recorder
  • Compatible to Varied Types of Screen
  • 5G Preparation

Multiple Messaging Improvements

When going through the features of the latest version of Android, it has been noticed that a number of things have been done for improving the messaging experience of the user on Android. Upgrades are detailed below for your reference:

  • Chat bubbles – Android 11 introduces chat bubbles for every ongoing conversation. It will minimize them in the form of little bubbles on the specific screen side. The bubbles can be moved around and tapped as well for revealing any specific conversation.
  • A dedicated conversation bar has been developed for the notification bar so that message procedures become real-time. This will provide you with the accessibility to check every ongoing conversation.
  • With Android 11, it is easy for sending messages while replying any from the notification bar.

2. One-Time Permission

If Android 10 is noticed carefully, an amazing thing can be detected; i.e., the way of handling permissions. Android 10 is really fantastic in this job and this is what is followed by the Android 11 as well but in a more updated manner.

Now with OS 11, permissions will be sought a one-time basis. It will pop up while using any application for the first time. Right at the moment, the app is quit it will get revoked.

3. In-Built Screen Recorder

For the last couple of years, Android keenly waited for Google to assist by designing the in-built screen recorder. After its designing, the function found to be very simple yet with much-complicated integration.

So, OS 11 is going to change this by bringing the latest update. Moreover, it will be accompanied by superbly polished UI. Touches can be seen in recording while toggle is there for it at the same time.

4. Compatible to Varied Types of Screen

If there is an area for real advancement in the Android environment, that is the introduction of foldable devices. Foldable Smartphone will be the new ruler of this smart technological market.

It will come with varied resolutions and screen sizes as well. OS 11 is purely compatible with the foldable smart devices. So, it is time to start marketing for this unimagined mobile app development.

5. 5G Preparation

The buzz of 5G surrounds the entire globe from the second half of the last decade. Though in 2020, the entire earth is combating with the pandemic of Coronavirus the curiousness about 5G is still there amongst the tech-savvies. For the seamless adoption of 5G, Android 11 introduces Dynamic Meterdness API.

This will help in the complete extraction of the 5G advantages. Once the API detects that there is unlimited 5G connection, certain intricacies along with highest videos quality and possible graphics can be accessed easily.

Now, as you are well-aware of the new Android 11 features and APIs, have a look at the great impact of these new additions in the Smartphone industry and existed applications.

How Mobile Apps Impact by the Android 11 Features?

If you ever have a look at preview documentation of the Android 11, 3 varied categories can be observed: New Features and APIs, Privacy Features and Behavior Changes. Every category is loaded with pointers that directly impact the performance of the applications.

This can be achieved by partnering with the Android app development company. Let’s have a look at how it will impact the user experience of using Android applications from below:

1. Restriction Can Be Imposed on the Appearance of Permission Dialogue by Users

Android 11 eliminates the idea of repetitive requests for any specific permission. In case “Deny” is clicked twice, “Don’t Ask Again” will be implied. This will let you convey the permission and stay convinced to it via MVP features.

2. Privacy Maintained for the Stat of the App Usage

Protection of the user data gets improved with the use of Android 11. It stores the statistics of the apps’ usage by the user in the form of confidential encrypted storage.

Both the system and the app itself will fail to access it until specific coding to the system is performed. Moreover, coding relies on 2 conditions:

  • Switching to the account of the device by the users
  • Unlocking of the system for the very 1st time after rebooting the system

Hence, if the developers are unable to workaround then issues will be faced to view the statistics of the apps’ usage.

3. Redundancy of the Lowered Data

The conditions with the involvement of machine learning or media playback the same set of data can be used for any other application with Android 11.

In the previous Android version both of the apps download a respective set of data for their operational purpose. Android 11 eradicates this redundancy on network and device by caching the data by the shared data blob.

4. Enhanced Clarity Exit From the App Process

A new feature is introduced by Android 11 that assists in reporting for the termination of the recent procedure in any app. Though app owners can’t collect any data for determining the reason for crash yet there will be a process of reporting.

The users can simply report the exact cause of cancelling the process such as ANRs, memory problems or any other issues. It is regarded as the prime advantage of using Android 11 by the users.

5. Installation of the Incremental APK

Even after offering a slight change, installation of the APKs on Smart devices really consume a lot of time.

On the basis of the necessity of the app updates, Google starts offering installation of incremental APK for Android 11. It helps in APK installation by accelerating the procedure during the launching of the app and data streaming in the background.

6. Optimal Support for Neural Network Apps

If the existed apps of your Android entirely rely on Neural Networks and Machine Learning, Android 11 is a good option for you to enjoy certain additional benefits.

By using new Neural Network API 1.3, Android 11 will help in the seamless operation of the Machine Learning applications on the devices.

The right time has arrived for bringing the process of AI project management in line by developing new cases surrounding disruptive technology.

7. 5G Beneficial Model

With 5G a number of benefits are going to introduce into the mobile applications.

Android 11 will be witnessed to offer optimal technological support; businesses will be greatly benefitted from zero latency, speedy transfer of files and enhanced streaming speed. Overall, it will improve the user experience simply!

Now, mobile app development companies get plenty of time between preparing an app and launching of a new OS.

But this will also end up with suffering a lot from several cut-throat competition consequences. Certain companies have already set out for the preview of Android 11 apps testing.

Hence, it can be expected that it is going to launch in a year or two! But before switching your existed apps into this new form of application you must know how it will be beneficial for you!

Contact with a relevant Android app development services in India to know further details.