How can students apply for a Canadian Study Visa

How can students apply for a Canadian Study Visa

According to the Global ranking of all the universities, many Canadian universities bagged their positions under the top 100. This has marked a benchmark in the parameters of quality of education.

Also, Canadian universities emphasize on research and engaging lectures over reading concepts from the books. Also, the crime rate of this country is lower than in many developed countries.

Even the cost of living and tuition is quite affordable. These are some reasons due to which many students have been attracted to study in Canada.

But according to the immigration policies of all countries, this country too has the policy if study permit. Every student studying in a Canadian university should hold a valid Canadian Study Visa.

How can students apply for a Canadian Study Visa?

When it comes for visa application, the majority of people are stuck in the legal formalities. One convenient option can be to take help from student Visa consultants for Canada like Yash Global Consultants.

But before this, let’s explore the complete process of the Student visa application.

Meet the university eligibility criteria & grab the letter of acceptance

Do you know what a letter of acceptance is?? It is a formal letter approving and confirming your admission to the university.

So, your first step should be shortlisting the universities according to the area of study and eligibility criteria and then applying for the admission by filling and submitting the required form.

Also, make sure that the university falls under the category of Designated Learning Institutions who are authorized to host international students for higher education.

Have you checked the documents’ checklist?

Before applying for the visa, you have to prepare all the needed documents so that there won’t be any delay due to the submission of incomplete form. So make collect the following documents:

  • The letter of acceptance
  • A valid travel document like passport.
  • Recent passport-sized photographs with name and date of birth mentioned on them
  • A piece of evidence to prove your financial stability while studying in Canada like a bank statement, bank draft, etc.
  • A letter of explanation which can state your reasons for studying in Canada and all the responsibilities that you have during your stay.
  • Latest medical reports to prove your health status

Fill the application form to complete the process

Now for applying for a study permit, you have 2 different modes to choose- online and offline. Online mode is considered much faster than the offline mode as there is no need to wait until your post reaches the Visa Application Centre.

So to proceed via online, visit the official website of Canada immigration (IRCC) and create an account. Provide the required details and upload soft copies of all the asked documents.

But if you have some internet connection problem, then you can get a complete application guide in hard copy. Fill all the details and enclose with all the documents. Send your application to the given address of the Visa Application Centre.

Make sure to pay the application fee to submit the application

In case you are applying via online mode, then you have pay application charges to successfully submit your application.

But for the applicants applying through offline mode, they have to pay this fee before filling up the form and attach the receipt with the application form.

Note: The application fee is non-refundable

Have you checked your email after application?

After submitting the application, you will get a reference number to check the status of your application on the website.

Their response to your application will be conveyed via provided email and on the website. So frequently check your inbox for their response.

Meet all additional requirements

According to the application, the immigration authority may ask for additional information like biometrics or personal interview.

The information on these requirements will be described in their response. Sometimes officials may ask to provide a proficiency score in English or French according to international standards in the form of IELTS, TOEFL, etc. So be prepared for such things as well.

Note: These requirements have a limitation of time, so fulfil them as soon as possible to avoid cancellation of the application.

If you still have any confusion related to the application process, then you can ask for help from Yash Global Consultants.

They are the best Student Visa Consultant for Canada in Chandigarh, guiding and providing expert immigration solutions to many students every year.

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