How Effective Are Throwing Ninja Stars As A Weapon In A Fight?

How Effective Are Throwing Ninja Stars As A Weapon In Fight

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What Are Throwing Stars?

Throwing ninja stars are commonly known as Shuriken. It is a star-shaped weapon with many different types.

A ninja star was the popular weapon of ninjas. It was considered as the secondary weapon of ninjas. These stars were used for various purposes.

However, when it comes to modern star weapons, the sharpened ninja stars are dangerous as they can even kill a person. Serious injuries can be caused by tearing the skin of the affected person.

But, ninjas did not use them as a lethal weapon. Yes, they used such weapons to divert the attention of their enemies.

Those ninja stars were also considered missiles that could be used in a close quarter fight. If you want this smart weapon for yourself, you should get the knowledge of all the types of Ninja stars to help you choose the best one for yourself. 

Did Ninjas Use Throwing Stars? 

The Ninja stars are popular to be used by the famous people of Japan who are known by the name of the Ninjas. They were known by the name of shadow warriors as they used to perform sneaky acts.

They also concealed themselves to steal the enemy’s secrets or to kill someone. Apart from the Ninja swords, one of the most popular weapons of the Ninjas is the Ninja throwing star.

No doubt, the throwing stars were the ultimate ninja weapons. They used it as a defensive weapon.

Ninjas used such star weapons not for killing but for distracting their enemies. They used to prevent the enemy by forcing them to stop, dodge, or block the projectiles.

Indeed, these ninja stars are famous just because of the Ninjas. In the beginning, these stars were designed as a self-defense weapon. Their shape was very much similar to a nail and knife.

It was not a deadly weapon. Ninjas used to toss it in the air towards the enemy. Ninjas also used to apply some poison on the corners of the stars to kill their enemies. Nowadays, it has become an effective self defense weapon.

Are Throwing Stars Effective To Use?

Ninja stars can become very effective as a non-lethal self-defense weapon. They were not initially intended to kill a person but to distract or divert attention. The targeted areas were different parts of the body such as eyes, face, hand, or feet.

When it was thrown from a distance, it will give an instant blow that will in return leave the person confused and lost for some time.

They are also known as ‘Shuriken’- a Japanese word meaning ‘hidden hand blade’. As mentioned before, these stars are not lethal to anyone if they are thrown from a safe distance.

Though any deadly accident can happen if you do not take safety measures while using it. This is why regular practising with real throwing stars increases accuracy and effectiveness. 

Besides this, ninja stars were used in various ways during fights. They were buried in the ground so whoever steps on it got injured. On the other hand, they were also used as a cause of the fire.

Ninjas used to wrap them in the fuse, and then, throw them to start a fire. Also, they were used as a handheld weapon in close combats.

Some people also coated the star with poison, and then, either used to throw it towards the enemy or place it in a place for a victim to pick it up. 

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 Winding Up!

Real throwing stars or shuriken are wonderful martial arts tools and self-defence weapons. If you are in search of something cool to add to your collection

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